, GOLD SILVER LIBERTY: Off The Cuff: Living With Integrity

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Off The Cuff: Living With Integrity

Every so often, our work in the premium side of Peak Prosperity is deemed so important that our paying subscribers request we share it with the general public. 

Last week's 'Off The Cuff' podcast received so many of these requests that we are releasing it to all here. 

In last week's Off The Cuff podcast, Chris delivered a very personal message about how we each decide to live our lives. A growing number of people are watching the "prosperity" around them -- record high asset prices, record-low unemployment, new technologies, etc and yet feeling that we're making the wrong trade-offs as a society. 

All that wealth is flowing into fewer and fewer pockets, ecosystems are faltering and an alarming number of species are dying off, depression rates (especially among the youth) are skyrocketing. In short: there's more money flowing around than ever, and yet we and the planet are becoming sicker and unhappier. 

Why? From Chris' point of view, it comes down integrity. The modern human way of life lacks integrity as a guiding principle. For those of us who desire a better future, brining our actions into better alignment with our integrity is the path to true prosperity.

- Source, Peak Prosperity