Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Eye of Sauron Turns its Gaze on Cryptocurrencies, The Crackdown Begins

Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies were enjoying a much needed rally over the past couple of days, confidence was building once again and things were appearing to get back on track, the resumption of the bull market was back on! That is, until government officials and central banksters had their say.

This is something that I and many others have been stating for years. The larger and more successful that cryptocurrencies become, the more of a threat they are to the establishment. The financial elite derives the vast majority of their power from their ability to endlessly print fiat money out of thin air.

This power is undeniably vast and therefore it comes as no surprise to me that the eye of "Sauron" is now being turned on crypto's. This is a space that they have been watching skeptically for some years now, the FED has kept a watchful eye and so too have others.

This watchful eye has turned to jawboning, a common tactic used by central banksters the world over. They love this strategy, as it requires getting no "blood on their hands". Simply speaking positively, or in this cause negative about a market can send them either soaring or plummeting. This strategy has been witnessed countless times before, when they discuss gold, the markets, or interest rates. It just so happens they are now turning their sights on the hottest market that any of us have seen in our lifetimes, crypto's.

One of crypto's greatest assets is the fact that they are not controlled by any one government and are largely unregulated and de-centralized. This has caused all kinds of legitimate, dark and grey money to flow into this space.

This has made countless millionaires out of small time investors over the past year, many of whom are likely attempting to dodge the tax man in any way that they can.

Now, Bitcoin and other crypto's have suffered another major setback, falling 20% overnight due to continued crackdowns from China and increased hostility by South Korea, both of which make up an incredibly large portion of the global market for cryptocurrencies.

South Korea's finance minister Kim Dong-Yeon even went as far as to state that a "cryptocurrency exchange shutdown is still an option." An action that is already having dire consequences for the markets, even though it has not yet played out in actuality.

Central bankers the world over are now stuck in-between a rock and a hard place. Do they A) regulate and clamp down on cryptocurrencies, sending it once again into the black market, where many will continue to be traded, albeit at short-term lower prices. Or do they B) allow cryptocurrencies to be embraced on the open markets, attempting to tax and regulate as much as possible? Risking the possibility of them overtaking their fiat money due to Gresham's law.

My guess is the following. Some countries will fully embrace the crypto space, hoping to become central hubs of trading in the market, similar to how Wall St and London are for the broader markets. While other countries, fearing the worst will continue from this point on to ratchet up their rhetoric against both Bitcoin and every other alt-coin.

However, there is a third scenario. The last being the most sinister and frightening. C) Central banks, seeing the value in this purely digital currency will issue their own Frankenstein cryptocurrencies, while at the same time clamp down on the existing market. Moving to a purely digital based fiat money world, one of their greatest dreams.

The latter of these three scenarios is truly the most scary, as this timeline must be resisted at all cost. The power and control that this would offer a government would be truly absolute. Abuse would be rampant and unjust, in essence, they would own you through their ability to control your flow of money, whenever and however they wish.

Regardless of what unfolds from this point on, 2018 is shaping up to be a roller coaster of a ride for not only cryptocurrencies, but for gold, silver and the markets as a whole. We are now smack dab in the middle of a once in a lifetime revolutionary change in how markets function and operate. Strap yourselves in, this is going to be a bumpy one.

- As Originally Seen on the Sprott Money Blog

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Who Killed Martin Luther King and Why?

Dr. Martin Luther King's stance against the Vietnam War led him to be shunned by much of the liberal establishment that applauded his work on civil rights in the US. Was challenging the US warfare state the third rail that cost MLK his life?

- Source, Ron Paul via the Liberty Report

Monday, January 15, 2018

China's Attack On The Dollar and What Does It Mean?

China has been accumulating gold for years, and are now taking steps to tie it to yuan. Interest rates in the U.S. are rising, and the Chinese are not so eager to keep piling up on U.S. dollars and U.S. Treasury debt. Ron Paul discusses on The Liberty Report!

- Source, Ron Paul

Friday, January 12, 2018

Free Speech Under Fire, Liberty Strikes Back

Today, Project Veritas, who are known for their multiple bombshell reports via their undercover investigations into government agencies and the mainstream media, have once again delivered in spades.

After recently targeting mainstream media outlets such as CNN and the Washington Post and exposing them for their left leaning bias and anti Trump rhetoric (something well known to all, but still shocking to hear from the horses mouth), they have released another massive video and this time the victim is game changing. Twitter.

For the past year, those who have taken part in the "conversation" on this social media platform will be well aware of exactly what James O'Keefe is discussing in the above video, in which his undercover video clearly shows Twitter employees explaining a process known as "shadow banning".

Shadow banning can be summed up very simply and easily;

Imagine yourself in a room with hundreds of other people, possibly even thousands to tens of thousands. Now, in this room you have the ability to move around and talk to people, to listen to others voices and opinions, perhaps you agree with them, perhaps not. Predominately in this room, as is the case with twitter, you are discussing news events, whether they be political or not, is your choice, but in this scenario, lets say that in this room the topic of conversation is just that, politics.

Undoubtedly, as is the case with anything in life, arguments within this room are going to erupt, they are going to get heated and not everyone is going to agree with everyone else. This is ok, this is normal, as this is the way throughout much of human history that we have progressed and made progress, eventually finding middle ground with one another. This is the adult thing to do, and is normal, perhaps even necessary in a functioning society.

Now imagine within this room, their are puppet masters that reside above all others. These puppet masters in Twitters case have an incredibly left leaning bias, which is ok, and not wrong in and of itself. What is wrong however is that these puppet masters have the ability to control the flow and course of information by placing a box over those whom they don't agree with, in this case, anyone who is gaining traction, or speaking out too loudly on the right.

If you happen to be placed in one of these boxes, of which I have been many times before in the past, as I regularly do gain traction now with over 15,000 twitter followers, you can still see everyone in the room. In addition to this, you can still hear, you can still speak, but no one can hear you. Worst of all, you don't know that you are placed within this box, as you receive no warning and no indication other than the fact that your tweets all of sudden lose total traction, where as minutes before they were moving at rapid fire speed, being re-tweeted and liked at a feverish pace.

Eventually, this box will be removed and you can move about your business, as per normal. Until once again you dare step out of line and engage in "wrong think".

Many of us within the precious metals space can relate to this report by Project Veritas and I for one am well aware of this ongoing attack on free speech. The MSM has also attempted to silence and control opinions they do not agree with in the past, by reporting on key facts and omitting others, an action known as lying through omission.

Twitter, Google and Facebook are just the new age versions of the MSM. They have almost absolute control over what does and what does not appear on their platforms. They are using this control to guide people towards the path they see fit. Unfortunately for them, because of people like James O'Keefe and others, light is being shined on their corruption and people are revolting.

This has led to a number of free speech platforms, such as and, both who have become incredibly popular for liberty lovers that reside on either the right or the left, simply due to the fact that they have made it their mission statements to take a "hands off" approach.

As we have seen countless times in the past, the free market will only be controlled and regulated for so long and by so much. This is just one more example of how people are exerting their will and saying no more. The liberty movement is alive and well. People are taking notice and they are saying, enough is enough, the time for change is now.

- As Originally Seen on the Sprott Money Blog

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Jim Willie's 2018 Forecasts: The Trend Towards De-Dollarization is Accelerating

The U.S. Dollar is not ruling the seas of global commerce anymore. In 2018, non-Dollar platforms will continue the Dollar’s decline, Dr. Jim Willie tells Silver Doctors. 

The Dollar has been the world reserve currency for decades, but the increase of non-Dollar trade is threatening the Dollar’s dominance.

- Source, SD Bullion

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Bill Murphy: The Gold Cartel is Going to Lose Control in 2018

Gold is up 11 days straight. Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Chairman Bill Murphy says as excitement in the gold space increases, the Gold Cartel may lose control of the price! 

Murphy explains the Gold Cartel manages the price by washing out the speculators. If gold breaks through $1,380 and silver through $21, the cartel may lose control. 

 Murphy says, “If silver can break through the 21 area, it’s going to mean a total lack of this maniacal control this Gold Cartel is trying to keep on the silver market. And once they lose this control, I think we could see some upside action somewhat similar to what we saw in the cryptocurrencies.” Some of the mining stocks as well could have returns similar to the cryptocurrencies, Murphy says. 

With gold up 11 days straight, Murphy sees the potential for a short term correction. But stay tuned for cryptocurrency style upsides he says.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Obamacare On Its Last Legs? Lets Hope So!

Obamacare is a crony-politically-connected program that has punished Americans who need the exact opposite. Government must GET OUT of the healthcare industry. Ron Paul discusses on today's Liberty Report!

- Source, Ron Paul

Monday, January 8, 2018

Ron Paul: Has Unlimited QE Done Anything to Help the Economy?

The Federal Reserve has once again created an artificial and unsustainable economic bubble. Central planning still doesn't work, and the sooner we move to sound money the better. Ron Paul discusses the monumental mess that The Federal Reserve has wrought.

- Source, Ron Paul

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Nomi Prins: The Mystery of Dark Money

Donald Trump was onto something when he said during the first presidential debate that “we’re in a big, fat ugly bubble.” Even if he ironically embraces the bubble now that he’s in the Oval Office.

The questions du jour are…

Why hasn’t the bubble popped yet?

And how long can a rigged market stay rigged?

Will the market keep moving higher? Correct? Or will it crash?

And, should everyday investors play the game?

The answers — and the catalyst for this bold new project — lie in two words:

Dark Money.

You know the adage, “It takes money to make money.” That adage has been around for a long time. What’s relatively new, however, is collusion between various governments, central banks and private banks. They work in tandem to siphon off more power and money for themselves using law’s, power-brokering, and quid-pro-quos.

Ultimately, what allows all of this political and financial extraction from Main Street is central bank monetary policy that creates what I’m calling “dark money.”

As the Wall Street Journal has revealed, 60% of the market’s gains between 2008 and 2016 were generated on days when the Federal Reserve made its policy decisions.

That’s dark money in action — together with collusion of central banks around the world.

And according to research done by Brian Barnier of Value Bridge investors and the website FedDashboard, 93% of the stock market’s move since 2008 is explained by the Federal Reserve’s actions.

The authors of the book, Invest with the Fed also write that “the data show that stock returns are approximately three times higher when monetary conditions are expansive than are returns earned when conditions are restrictive.”

Even former Dallas Federal Reserve President, Richard Fisher admitted on the record that:

“What the Fed did — and I was part of that group — is we front-loaded a tremendous market rally, starting in 2009…in order to accomplish a wealth effect.”

And later, he admitted:

“You have to be… frank about what drove the markets…. It was, the Fed, the Fed, the Fed, the European Central Bank, the Japanese Central bank … all quantitatively driven by central bank activity.”

So that age-old adage needs updating. Nowadays, “It takes dark money to make money.”

Since late 2007, the Federal Reserve has embarked on grand-scale collusion with other G-7 central banks to manufacture a massive amount of dark money. The scope and degree of this collusion are unprecedented.

On July 31, 2017, Fischer delivered a speech in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He addressed the phenomenon of low interest rates worldwide. Fischer admitted that “the effects of quantitative easing in the United States and abroad” are suppressing rates.

He also said there was “a heightened demand for safe assets affecting yields on advanced-economy government securities.” What he meant was that investors are realizing that low rates since 2008 haven’t been effective at fueling real growth, just asset bubbles.

Remember, Fischer was the Fed’s No. 2 man. He was also a professor to former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke and current European Central Bank President Mario Draghi. Both have considered him to be a major influence in their economic outlook.

The “Big Three” central banks — the Fed, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan — have collectively held rates at a zero percent average since the global financial crisis began. For nearly a decade, central banks have been batting about tens of trillions of dollars in dark money.

They have dictated the cost of money and fueled bubbles. They have amassed assets on their books worth nearly $14 trillion.

By producing and distributing artificial money, central bankers distorted reality in global markets.

Since the global financial crisis, the big winners have been the big six U.S. banks that profited from access to dark money.

They used printed money to fund buybacks of their own shares and pay themselves dividends on those shares.

After the Big Six banks passed their latest round of stress tests, they began buying even more of their own shares back. The move elevated their stock prices. The largest U.S. bank, JP Morgan Chase, announced its most ambitious program to buy back its own shares since the 2008 crisis, $19.4 billion worth. Citigroup announced its biggest buyback, $15.6 billion.

The Fed’s all-clear was another version of QE for banks courtesy of the Fed. Instead of buying bonds via QE programs to keep rates down and the cost of money cheap, the Fed greenlighted banks to speculate in their own stocks, creating more artificiality in the level of the stock market. U.S. banks disclosed plans to buy back $92.8 billion of their own stock to say thank you to the Fed for the “A.”

More ominous than that was a clear sign that decades of money-conjuring collusion had helped the same banks that caused the last crisis. Proof came in the form of a letter to the U.S. Senate banking committee from Thomas Hoenig, the vice-chairman of the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC), the government agency in charge of guaranteeing people’s deposits.

He wrote that in 2017, U.S. banks used 99% of their net earnings toward purchases of their own stock and paying dividends to shareholders (including themselves).

They legally manipulated markets in plain sight by pushing their own share prices up with cheap money availed to them by the central banks that are supposed to regulate them.

The amount of securities the G-3 central banks held on their books, about $14 trillion, was equivalent to a staggering 17% of all global GDP.

Their efforts to provide dark money into the banking system are constantly peppered with cheerleading phrases like “unlimited” and “by all means necessary.” What they are really saying is that they are playing a game with no defined objectives.

Starting with the Fed, central bankers have continued to build policy on the fly. The central bankers’ science experiment has spread beyond financial policy. It morphed into something even Dr. Frankenstein couldn’t have imagined.

Confidence in the Fed and the U.S. dollar (as well as in other major central banks globally) has dropped considerably. Maybe that at least in part explains the explosive rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Even central bankers have admitted that their dark money creation scheme was largely a bust, but not in any official statement.

The fact is, this dark money system is not going away. If anything, it is evolving. The ECB, BOJ and Bank of England are still buying billions of dollars worth of assets per month. And as Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve chair told a crowd during a recent speech in Washington, “The bottom line is that we must recognize that our unconventional tools might have to be used again.”

What she was signaling is that this era of collusion and reckless monetary experiments are far from over.

When I left Wall Street shortly after 9/11, I blew the whistle on their shady practices. I felt as though my history at the highest level of these firms gave me a privileged position to help everyday Americans and Main Street understand how we’re being pillaged. I channeled my true passion, writing, to communicate what was happening.

I believe those equipped with the right approach, tools and systems can even find opportunity in the world of dark money.

The world runs on “dark money.” Don’t let the insiders have it all.

- Source, Nomi Prins via The Daily Reckoning

Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Great Upheaval Approaches as the MSM Continues to Pit the Left Against the Right

The political climate within the United States is toxic. This cannot be denied and nor should it. The ramifications of what is unfolding will have long lasting effects, and to those who think they can simply stick their heads in the sand and forget about it all, you are simply kidding yourself.

Normality will occur, this I do not doubt, but not before a great upheaval occurs. To many, the election of Donald Trump was that upheaval, as a massive trend was reversed and a new path set in motion.

For better or worse, this is the path we are now on. America is moving in a direction that is seeing it focus more and more on itself, becoming ever more insular. To some that believe in globalism, this is a scary thought, to others it has been exactly what they have been waiting for.

This climate has torn families apart, as lines in the sand have been drawn. I have heard countless stories about how their once peaceful family gatherings have taken a turn for the worse. Conversations have ceased between many, but why? Why is this all happening?

Undeniably, Donald Trump is the most polarizing President we have seen in decades, or possibly even longer. He has made many enemies along the way, and he is going to make many more. But what you must understand, is that to his die hard, loyal supporters, this is ok. This is what is needed to get the job done. The time for the velvet glove treatment in their eyes is over. It's time to get down to work.

Many stories are exaggerated and blown out of proportion, making matters appear much worse than they actually are. The dying, corrupt, dinosaur MSM is largely to blame for this. They are one of the biggest threats to society as a whole, as they continue to pump out click bait articles and headlines that pit people against each other.

These stories are filled with half truths and lies by omission. Both sides are guilty of this, and are to blame, whether it be the horrendous CNN, or the laughable Fox News.

Fortunately, these networks are dying as people continue to "wake up" and do their own research, exposing the farce that they are. Unfortunately, this is not happening fast enough and much damage is yet to be inflicted in their dying gasps.

As I have stated in previous articles, I believe 2018 is going to see a resurgence in the commodities bull market of the past. We are going to see gold, silver, oil and many other hard assets go up in price significantly as they come back in vogue.

This move higher is going to not only be for the many reasons that I have mentioned in the recent past, but additionally because of the increasingly unstable political climate that we find ourselves in. 

Fund managers and individuals in the know are going to move back into safe haven assets as the world continues to be rocked back and forth, as they attempt to protect their clients' wealth and their own.

2018 is going to be filled with much more turmoil and many more explosive "hit pieces" that are going to continue to push both the left and right further apart from one another, until a breaking point is reached and a snap occurs.

It is then, and only then that we will be able to move back towards the common ground that is known as the center. The pendulum has swung too far, a return to normality is coming, but not yet...

- As First Seen on the Sprott Money Blog

Friday, January 5, 2018

Iran Protests: Convenient Pretext To Kill The Nuclear Deal?

Protests in Iran have cropped up just as President Trump has the opportunity to kill the Iran deal by failing to waive sanctions by the January 13th deadline. The protests are providing a convenient pretext to justify killing the deal - long a Trump goal. Coincidence?

- Source, Ron Paul

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Massive Changes are Coming in 2018, Ignore the Facts if You Wish

Facts are facts, and they should never be denied. To do so is at your own peril. Foolishly, investors try time and time again to ignore reality and invest purely based on their emotions, which in the end, often results in massive losses, as the herd mentality overtakes common sense and the facts fall by the wayside.

The fact is, despite what many would otherwise wish in the precious metals space, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies stole gold and silvers lunch last year. The gains were phenomenal, and up until the last few weeks of December, parabolic.

Now, as I have predicted in many recent articles, the curtain is being pulled back, and the facts are being exposed for what they are. Bitcoin has been proven to be a revolutionary technology, but sadly, one that fails in its original goal of being a digital replacement for fiat money. Soaring transaction fee's have been exposed and unless prices fall significantly, then this vital function of Bitcoin will become void.

Another trend that developed in the last few week's of 2017, was one that I also stated would happen once the price of Bitcoin began to go the other direction, and one that I can only see accelerating from this point out. Significant gains in precious metals.

Not only did the spot price of precious metals experience a significant rebound in the latter days of the years, but so too did the price of mining shares, shares which have significantly under-performed the broader market for years, another fact that cannot be denied.

Heading into 2018, I believe that this trend is only going to pick up in speed. But not just for gold and silver. What we are going to see is a recovery in commodities as a whole, unless we experience a systemic collapse in the broader financial markets as a whole, because of a large economic collapse.

This is always a possibility given our increasingly unstable geopolitical climate, as we are seeing with the continuing tensions between the United States and North Korea. In addition to this, Iran is facing a full blown revolution, one that could lead to a chain reaction in the middle east and send it into another dark age.

Sadly, this would be unfortunate for the world as a whole, but a huge boon for oil and precious metals, if it were to unfold.

The facts are indeed grim, but luckily, people are "waking up" at a rate never before seen, as the facts are being exposed at an increasingly faster rate. Even if you have to shift through a pile of rubbish to find the truth, it is there to be found. Alternative media is leading the charge in this regard, as the dying Mainstream Media continues to destroy itself by pumping out a never ending supply of fake news and propaganda.

The financial world is also noticing this, and they can see the writing on the wall. This is why commodities as a whole are beginning to make significant gains in the start of 2018. The easy money has been made in the crypto space and now "some" of the funds that were being diverted into that space are now moving back into hard assets.

Hard money, whether it be gold, silver, or oil, are going to begin to come back into vogue throughout 2018. This is a trend we are going to see accelerating throughout the year and gain even more traction as we head into 2019.

The tides of change are coming, and a depressed space is going to experience some much needed love. The facts and of course the greatest driving force that propels the markets forward, greed, are going to ensure this. Keep stacking.

- As Originally Seen on the Sprott Money Blog

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Michael Pento: The Biggest Financial Risk Coming in 2018?

Michael Pento, President and founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies, explains how the collapse of the bond markets will wreck havoc on the global financial markets.

He lays out the biggest risk he see's coming to your portfolio in 2018 and how best to protect yourself from it, when it occurs.

- Source, Jay Taylor Media

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dr. Ron Paul: Global Asset Forfeiture

President Trump has signed a new Executive Order allowing the US government to freeze the US assets of individuals or corporations worldwide who are determined by the US Administration to have violated "human rights" or engaging in corruption. What about due process? What about jurisdiction?

- Source, Dr Ron Paul

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Economic Worries Intensify As The World Currencies Change

Japan is now allowing their population to use cryptocurrency as payment. Bank of Canada worried about the economy, all private western central bank countries are using the same strategy to manipulate the economy, this will not end well. A professor has found the missing 21 trillion dollars, will not elaborate where the funds had gone.

- Source, X22 Report