Monday, March 29, 2021

The Great Mega Debt Bubble Reset: Coming to a Town Near Year

Tom welcomes a fascinating new guest to the show, Francis Hunt "The Market Sniper." Francis discusses how gold is acting as the bellwether for the collapsing global economy. 

Gold and silver will soon be unleashed, not unlike the recent major moves in palladium and rhodium. 

A lot is happening behind the scenes that will affect precious metals, and he looks closely at the macro picture surrounding the markets and bonds. 

Paul Volker was able to bring inflation under control during the early 80s. Since then, yields have steadily stair-stepped down, and we're effectively below zero today. 

Every time they create money, they make additional debt, and now we have a mega-debt bubble. The market will break when investors, pensions, and firms stop wanting to hold bonds. 

Governments live beyond their means, and the only way to manage the debt is to continuously lower interest payments. We are at the end-game for this debt cycle. Recently real yields have had some huge moves in percentage terms. 

Francis explains what to watch for when markets are reaching the end of their cycles. March 2020 was likely the most extensive economic off switch in history and was the final capitulation for many investors. 

It signaled the bottom for precious metals and several other commodities. Inflation appears in assets first, and he shows how the broader equities have been steadily moving upwards. 

Money wants to find a home in assets, and soon inflation will appear in real-world goods and services. 

Technology has been deflationary for the past forty years, but we are now seeing essential commodities rise. 

He is calling for three-digit oil again in the next few years as inflation escalates. 

Francis points to the many commodities that are breaking out or doubled during a depressed locked-down market and asks what will happen when the economy starts to pick up. 

Gold and silver are the ultimate anti-debt and anti-fiat assets. He believes we are nearing another more powerful leg-up in the precious metals. 

He encourages investors to understand the nature of the game and defend yourself and your family.

- Source, Palisade Radio

Friday, March 26, 2021

Golden Rule Radio: Why Buy Gold In 2021? Why Not?

This week we look at the gold outlook for 2021. What's in store for the precious metals in 2021 and gold? We'll look at Gold, Silver, Platinum, The US Dollar index, and how gold is the solution to inflation.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Currency Wars? Massive Currency Devaluations Against US Dollar Since January 2020

Professor Steve H. Hanke is a currency expert. 

Unlike an ordinary academic, Hanke was in charge of currency trading at investment banks and hedge funds and he has also been hired by governments as a "currency repair" consultant after their currencies collapse to help fix and stabilize them. 

Recently, Hanke put out an article with some very interesting charts and tables about how much some currencies have devalued against the US Dollar since January 2020.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

The Fiat Endgame, $6,000 Gold and $180 Silver

Tom brings us a double-charting dynamic duo edition of Palisades. The Market Weather Forecaster Kevin Wadsworth and Proprietary Capital Manager Patrick Karim bring us the latest low down on the metals markets.

- Source, Palisade Radio