Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bix Weir - Hillary Clinton is Headed for Prison

Bix Weir from RoadToRoota.com joins Silver Doctors to discuss the vote recount efforts led by Green Party candidate Jill Stein and supported by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Weir thinks these efforts will not impact the results of the election, but they could cause riots. “I think it’s horrific what [Stein] is doing because the only thing this can do is stir up social unrest.”

Before Donald Trump won the election, he promised to instruct an independent prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton’s email case. However, shortly after the election, Trump said in a 60 Minutes interview he wanted to focus on jobs, healthcare, etc. and he didn’t want to hurt the Clintons because they were “good people.” Weir suggests Trump is just playing it cool until he gets into office. Once in office, Trump will start holding the D.C. establishment responsible for their crimes. Weir believes these crimes are far darker than the use of a private email server...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Learning Nothing, The Hoaxing Mainstream Media Doubles Down

The hoaxing, lying, dying Mainstream Media. Many names are given to this band of happy, merry hacks, that pretend to believe they are the "fourth estate". Yet, those of us who are truly "awake" know better.

We can see them for exactly what they are, an extension of the corrupt establishment that attempts to rule over our daily lives and keep us in a constant state of confusion, informing us of half truths and guiding us sometimes gently, other times bluntly away from the bigger picture.

During their onslaught against President-elect Donald Trump, the MSM put out hit piece after hit piece, filled with half truths and assumptions. They did whatever they could to get Hillary Clinton elected, discarding their honor, pride and the truth in the process.

Fortunately for us in the liberty movement, they failed and oh how they failed. Throughout the campaign I consistently wrote that the MSM was destroying their credibility in the process and causing people to snap out of their trances at a pace never before seen in western history.

You would think that this slice of humble pie would cause them to reassess their situation and take account of what they have done, possibly adjusting their strategy, or even apologizing to their dwindling readership. Yet, this is not the case, actually it is quite the opposite.

The hoaxes continue, and the MSM has doubled down in its efforts to dismiss and discredit the very sources that largely resulted in Donald Trump getting elected, the Alternative Media, or as some like to call us, the NEW Mainstream Media.

These "lovers of freedom" have begun compiling list, lists that consist of any and all sources that disagree with their "loving" Liberal agendas. Prominent names such as Ron Paul, the Drudge Report and Zero Hedge are regularly included on these list of "fake news websites".

If not labeling it as fake news, then it is simply being rubber stamped as "Russian propaganda". The stupidity of the MSM knows no bounds and is truly shocking to watch unfold.

But what do you expect? These are the organizations that dug their own graves through the lies they have told their supporters. Remember, these are the same organizations that told us Hillary Clinton had an over 90% chance of winning, up until the day of the election!

Perhaps, we should simply let these organizations simply drift off into the sunset, as they continue to destroy themselves and what little credibility they have left. Perhaps, but not likely. 

This is the time to continue down in our efforts, these are the ones who have declared war on us, the true lovers of free speech, liberty and freedom. The time to double down OUR efforts is now, press on and fight on.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trump Lets Hillary Off the Hook, Or Did He?

One news headline that has many of those who supported Trump throughout his candidacy pulling their hair out in rage this weekend, is the one that stated Trump would not prosecute Hillary Clinton for her illegal use of a private email server during her time as the Secretary of State.

At face value, this is quite frustrating and annoying, as it goes against one of Trumps campaign promises to hold Hillary accountable for some of her past crimes committed, which broke many laws, others of lesser position have been charged for.

What people are missing is a strategic play that Trump has initiated and enacted. Trump has extended hardcore Hillary supporting liberals an olive branch and offer of peace, that he himself never actually possessed.

The reality is, the President of the United States DOES NOT and CANNOT legally prosecute anyone. This is not his job and not within his power. Donald Trump stating that HE will not prosecute Hillary Clinton should come as no shock to anyone, as he cannot even do this!

In the process he has gained an advantage and looks presidential. Meanwhile, his recently appointed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions is free to act as if he is not being "politically" motivated or influenced. He is fully in his right to pursue charges against Hillary if he deems it appropriate.

Given the fact that Jeff Sessions is known as the number one constitutional attack dog, it is likely that he WILL do the right thing and go after Hillary for her past crimes.

Also, what this does, is it defuses the possibility of President Obama pardoning Hillary Clinton in the 57 days he has remaining. An opportunity that is less likely to be used if Trump himself takes a soft stance against Hillary in the short time that remains for Obama to act.

The lying MSM, who has recently come out with a full blown assault on the alternative media and are flailing about in their dying gasps, is doing everything they can to try and put a wedge in between Trump and his supporters. The spin on this story is just another example of this, as they know the facts just as well as I do.

Yet, the facts still remain just the same. As I've always said, do your own research, stop and think about the news you are reading before you allow it to influence you.

The MSM and the elites who control them are the same ones who have religiously attacked us in the precious metals community for decades. We know their tricks well and we will be here, exposing them every step of the way, for as long as we can in this eternal fight for freedom and liberty.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Bill Murphy from the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee joins Silver Doctors to expose “the biggest intervention in all the financial markets in U.S. history.”

Before the election, the financial sector was sending the signal Trump would be a disaster for the economy. But Trump has won, and the market commentary has reversed. Now the financial sector thinks Trump will be a boost for the economy. The stock market is trading at all-time highs while the gold price is falling. What is going on?

Murphy says the Powers that Be are manipulating people’s perceptions in order to avoid a chain reaction in the markets, and it’s working… at least for now.

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Era of the Alternative Media Has Arrived - Real Check and Balance Has Returned

Where to go now? What is the next plan of action, now that the West has continued on with its anti-globalist trend. With the election of Trump, we are far from out of danger and now, the real hard work begins.

Now is the time to keep Trump on the straight and narrow path, it is time to ensure that he holds himself accountable to his campaign promises and it is time to keep a close eye and check on what unfolds as he begins his presidency.

Supporters of him, the strong right wing that dominated the alternative and social media landscape are what got him elected, along with his common sense rhetoric and anti politically correct agenda. Therefore, it is up to the alternative media to take up the baton and call it like it is.

We are not fan boys, we fought viciously and so ruthlessly because we believed it was the right thing to do. Do we believe that he will not make mistakes? No. Do we believe that there is no leniency to be given at all, of COURSE NOT. We cannot expect him to be able to, or do 100% of the things he said, just because the establishment will be fighting him every step of the way.

Yet, let's make this very clear. I, along with many others who supported Trump throughout his campaign will be keeping a close eye on what happens and will turn on him the second we see something fundamentally go wrong.

The MSM continues on with their Hoaxes, and are now hilariously trying to explain to the public HOW it was that Trump got elected, when THEY were giving Hillary a 99% chance of winning the election, up until the final day!

Their hubris is mind-boggling, and it is quite honestly insulting. They should be groveling on their knees to their viewers, begging them for forgiveness for deceiving them over the past year with their hoaxing news. Instead, they are unsurprisingly doubling down on their efforts and pretending that they have not been completely and utterly discredited by their own lies.

You are going to see the media attack Trump on every level. You are going to see the establishment attack him on every level. Fortunately, this election proved that the power structure has shifted back to the people and the alternative media, which is predominately ran by independent journalist.

The MSM and the elite are rapidly losing their grip on power. But never fear ye olde corrupt ones. The alternative media will do the job that you once held in high respect. We will keep the checks in balances on you, on the elite and on Trump. Good riddance and goodbye.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pepsi CEO’s SHAMEFUL Statement About Trump Proves It’s TIME FOR A BOYCOTT!

If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is the abuse of power by business leaders. And that is exactly what the CEO of Pepsi is doing right now.

Rather, they are continuing the attacks on President-Elect Trump. Of note is Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi who is still wallowing in the infamous Access Hollywood video that made Trump look so bad. “How dare you talk about women that way!” she exclaimed this week as reported by Freedom Daily.

When will the Nooyis of the world fall in line? The game is over. Trump won fair and square. Case closed.

Not for Nooyi. “The first thing that we all have to do is to assure everyone living in the United States that you are safe,” she said. In other words, she is acknowledging that fears about safety are rational and need to be addressed. What a crook. She is purposefully stirring the pot.

She wants to talk about safety? Maybe she should start with the overall health of people who consume her own products – like Fritos or Doritos. Or, for those that drink Pepsi products. Since when are obesity and diabetes considered safe?
Shame on her. No woman has benefited more from the fairness and equity of the United States than she has. Born in India, she has become one of the most powerful women in the world, by any measure, and is raking in some $20 million per year. Yet women in this country need her reassurance that they are safe?

Of the election she went on to say “The real issues that are facing the country, we never talked about.” Issues like what? Well, she’s talking about things like climate change, bathroom bills and birth control. Really?

The fact is that real issues were not only talked about, but voted upon – substantial issues like the economy, immigration, and national security. Losing doesn’t mean your issues weren’t addressed, it just means they were addressed in a way you may not have liked.

Trump, by the way, has been quite Presidential with his win. He has shown appropriate respect for Obama and the time and work that he has offered to America. He also expressed respect for Clinton’s hard-fought campaign.

You see, Ms. Nooyi, the election is over. It’s time to dust off your shoes and move on. You don’t need to praise President-Elect Trump by any means – it’s still a free country! But, you ought to consider showing a little respect, if not for Trump, for the Office.

For me, I am boycotting Pepsico products – Pepsi, Frito Lay, Tropicana, Gatorade and Quaker Oats. Viva Coca Cola!

- Source, Angry Patriot

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Anti-Establishment Trend Has Been Solidified in Trumps Historic Victory, Brexit 2.0

Where were you? Where were you on the 8th of November? Where were you the day that we solidified the trend, the trend of anti-globalism, the trend of wrestling back the power from the elite power structure and returning it into the rightful hands of we, the people?

Trumps historic landslide was foretold by me and others in the alternative media. This victory was much discussed, as we explained that it had little to do with the candidate, but everything to do with the message of bucking the status quo and shaking up the house.

It began with Brexit, in which the elites thought of as a one off Black Swan event. Now, we know definitively that this was not a one off event. Trumps victory for all extensive purposes can be classified as Brexit 2.0, a historic and monumental event that will go down in our history books as the start of a new age.

Losing their crown jewel, the United States will come as a massive blow to the elite establishment and their cronies. They will have to deal with the fact that it is not going to end here, next up for change is France and Germany, both of which are experiencing "change" candidates rising in the ranks and challenging the status quo.

As stated previously, the people are with Donald Trump and the movement. Those that you see on social media, who are waking up and venting their dismay have now become the minority, as Trump has won a landslide win and taken out key battleground and democratic states.

These same sheeple are the people who get ALL of their news from the dying, lying, corrupt Mainstream Media. This victory does not come to a shock to us, who actually read REAL news, and not the new-age tabloids, known as the MSM.

As I have said all along, the Mainstream Media has been lying to you about Donald Trumps chances to win. The polls have also been lying to you, and have been proven to be exactly what I have stated all year, BOGUS!

Their overweighting of democrat samples was blatantly clear to anyone who even remotely attempted to delve into the numbers and see them for the farce they were. What wasn't a joke, was the massive rallies and huge enthusiasm that Trump was seeing swell up all around him.

Even more stunning is the fact that Trump is ACTUALLY going to be able to get things done, as the Republicans now hold the House, the Senate and the Presidency.

This marks a new age in our history, the pendulum is swinging back and the people are rising up, standing up for our right to govern ourselves. We are sick and tired of being ruled over by an elite class.

The time for change is now, good work everyone and congratulations to all who fought valiantly and bravely in this battle. We have our work cut out for us, but for the first time in a very long time, the future is bright.

The Wait is Over - The Time to End the Corruption is NOW!

It is finally here, after all the hate, all the madness, the final day of this historic election is upon us. Get out and vote! I say it again, get out and vote!

Over this past month, we have witnessed a roller coaster ride for both sides. The corruption of Hillary Clinton has spilled out and is being exposed for the world to see. The way the FBI director, James Comey has flip flopped on his decisions has greatly damaged a once highly respected organization, in the way that no foreign enemy ever could do.

Yet, this fight is far from over, as sources state the NYPD is still investigating the Anthony Weiner case, and thus the emails involved in that situation. Also, Hillary, despite what the MSM is trying to spin to its viewers, is still under active investigation by the FBI, for her connections with the Clinton Foundation and possible "pay for play" wrongdoings.

Donald Trump has witnessed a historic turnaround due to the alternative media exposing of the rot that exist within our Western system. The rot has run so deep that its existence can no longer be denied and more than ever in our history, a two tiered system is what we live under.

Two sets of laws exist, one that the everyday person is expected to abide by and should, then the other set of laws, that the elites live by, that allows them to practically get away with murder.

The chance to change the system is today. Americans need to continue this global trend that began with Brexit, Americans need to get out and vote for the only candidate in modern history that has called for a complete overhaul of the corrupt DC establishment.

Trump, undoubtedly, is winning the race, but whether or not he will be able to overcome the fraudulent rigged system is an entirely different matter. The cards are stacked against him and a landslide is needed. Fortunately, I believe is a true possibility given the amount of support and enthusiasm we have seen swell up in the past few months around his candidacy.

Meanwhile, Hillary's supporters, if any will even admit to the fact, have gone into remission and are no where to be seen. The empirical evidence that she is a valid contender is no where to be seen. People simply don't like her.

If she is able to pull off a win tonight, then I will make the prediction that this will be a failed four years, in which she has essentially no support from the people she governs. People will turn their backs on her in a way we have never before seen in American political history. Many people will simply refuse to accept her as their president and really, given the overwhelming evidence of corruption and countless scandals, can you blame them?

The time for change is now. Make it happen.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Final 2016 Presidential Election Update Before Voting Ends

America faces the biggest election in the history of the country. The outcome will have huge implications for the rest of our lives. The desperation is so thick, with the Democrats and the Clinton campaign, you can’t cut it with a hacksaw. President Obama is telling illegal aliens to illegally vote. James Comey is doubling down on making the FBI look like buffoons by reclosing the investigation he reopened a week ago with, once again, no charges for Hillary Clinton. ISIS has announced it will “slaughter” Americans on Election Day, but that is “too stupid to be stupid.” Who would announce a big attack? This looks more like a psychological operation to keep voters away from the polls on Tuesday. Don’t believe it.

Join Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog as he gives some analysis and inspiration that you need to hear before you cast the most important vote of your life. I call this the “Final 2016 Presidential Election Update Before Voting Ends,” Tuesday night.

- Source, USA Watchdog

Friday, November 4, 2016

With Only Four Days Remaining Trump Surges in the Polls as Hillary Supporters Abandon Ship

(Poll via LA Times)

This is simply not good for Hillary. With only four days remaining in this critical election, possibly the most important in modern times, Hillary is witnessing a complete and utter collapse in her support.

She was witnessed this historic collapse due to the FBI bombshell that has rocked the world, making her the first ever presidential candidate to be under active investigation by the FBI, WHILE running for the highest seat of power in the country.

As the above LA Times poll shows, Trump now has a monstrous 5.4% lead. His supporters are growing on a daily basis, as he continues to attract African American supporters and Democrats in record breaking numbers for a Republican candidate.

In addition to this, the polls may be horribly off, as Trump has what many are calling the "monster vote", waiting in the wings. This is in reference to the stunning amount of previously unregistered voters, who have never voted in their life, but plan on showing up to the polls to support Donald Trump, as internal polling is showing.

Further supporting how strong his momentum is across all categories, is the fact that Donald Trump now has the majority of support across ALL age categories. A huge development, considering that he has been struggling with young voters throughout much of his campaign.

(Poll via LA Times)

I am sure that Hillary, who has in the past few days, been seen screaming at protesters angrily, will be scrambling to drop another "bombshell" on Trump with only a few days remaining. Whether or not the story is true or not, doesn't matter to her.

Luckily, people are waking up in numbers I've never before seen. The dishonest media have egg on their faces and they have destroyed their credibility in supporting Hillary throughout her many scandals that have surfaced throughout this election cycle. People aren't stupid and are furious over this, cancelling their cable subscriptions and turning off the boob tube.

The time for change is here, the time for real change is now. First, there was Brexit, then there was Trump. What next will the liberty movement bring? We truly do live in exciting times.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hillary is Finished, This Exploding Google Trend Proves It - "Change Early Vote"

Well, no matter which way you spin this, this is not good news for Hillary Clinton. We all know that she has had by far the worst week in her life, and yes, I believe in her mind, this past week even dwarfs the scandals she faced in the 90's.

The corruption that has bubbled up to the surface can no longer be denied, not even by the Main Stream Media, which has up until this point been in the tank for Hillary. We are witnessing a full blown retreat of Democrats in the last stretch of this election cycle, as key supporters state that they can no longer vote for her.

The FBI's renewed investigation into her email case has slapped her supporters in the face, and all but the most die hard, blinded liberals cannot stomach the thought of voting for a candidate, that is very likely to be under criminal investigation for much of her first year in office.

Not only will she be under active investigation for her first year, but there is a high probability that she will be found guilty of one crime or another. To deny this will only prove that you have your head buried in the sand and are living in an alternate delusional reality. 

Let me state this one more time. The FBI WOULD NOT reopen this investigation into Hillary Clinton unless they had sufficient evidence that there was SERIOUS wrong doing on her part. They would not put their reputation, nor risk the election in such a rash or foolish way.

As seen from the image above, the latest Google Trends (until they change their algorithm to protect Hillary) shows the exploding interest that people have in researching how they can change their already cast votes.

Given the recent bombshell news, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that these are people wondering how they can change their previously cast vote for Hillary Clinton. Whether it be to Donald Trump, or a third party candidate, it makes no difference, as it is a win for Trump either way.

The lies, deceit and corruption that surrounds Hillary may of finally caught up with her. Lord knows it's been a long time in the coming.

- As seen on the Sprott Money Blog