Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Martin Armstrong: Permanent Gridlock and Tax Disaster Coming to America

Legendary geopolitical and financial analyst Martin Armstrong says global debt is what you need to watch. 

Armstrong further contends, 

“Debt is a real problem. People need to realize the problem is in government and not in the private sector. Interest rates will start to rise, and that is what we are looking for going out of the year 2020. 

You also have all this crazy stuff going on in Congress. Real hatred has developed. It’s incredible. 

Before, if whoever you voted for lost, you accepted it and moved on. I mean people don’t accept it anymore. 

So, what is this stuff ‘Trump is not my President’? Well, then, who is he? There is no President of the United States? 

It’s your way or no way is what they are really saying. It has polarized the country so much that it’s going to be permanent gridlock. 

Congress is out of control. 

Don’t expect anything to help the economy coming out of there. All they are going to do is continually raise taxes. That’s going to really be disastrous.”

- Source, USA Watchdog

Monday, February 25, 2019

A Reason to Return to the Gold Standard

Something that really grabbed my attention a couple of weeks ago was an IMF blog post.

In this article, two IMF economists discussed the introduction of e-money as a way for central banks to implement as negative an interest rate as necessary for countering a recession, without triggering large-scale substitutions into cash.

Perhaps it stood out as something to take note of because of the many other developments taking place around this.

E-money to implement negative interest rates is being explored while, despite negative interest rates already in place, the European Commission recently slashed its 2019 growth forecast for the 19-nation euro-area economy from the 1.9 percent it projected in November to 1.3 percent.

So, with European growth slowing but negative rates already in place, might we see a case being put forward to take rates even further into negative territory in an attempt to stimulate economic activity?

But at the same time with e-cash in place to stop one from taking cash out of the bank and putting it under the bed. Is it also any surprise then that the ECB recently posted this video on their twitter about how QE helps reduce inequality?

To the US, then, where the San Fran Fed wrote recently that ‘allowing the federal funds rate to drop below zero may have reduced the depth of the recession and enabled the economy to return more quickly to its full potential.’

With the Fed funds rate at 2.5%, rates are still low by any historical standard, giving the Fed less room to move in the face of any downturn.

At the same time, the Fed has gone from expecting to hike three times in 2019 a few months ago to removing all references to future hikes in January’s FOMC comment, while noting the cross-currents that the economy is facing. A decidedly dovish turn.

Will the Fed need to turn to negative interest rates to stimulate growth, too?

If central banks are considering the use of digital currencies to enforce negative interest rates on depositors, what are the other options?

Kinesis Money could be one answer.

Kinesis is creating two digital currencies based 1:1 on physical, allocated gold and silver. Kinesis will charge a 0.45% transaction fee for the use of its digital currency network, but redistribute a portion of these fees as a ‘yield’ to further incentivise the use of its system for transactions.

These two currencies will allow one to access day-to-day spending outside of the banking system and remove exposure to fiat currencies, by giving liquidity to gold and silver. It will do so through the use of innovative blockchain and exchange technology, and a debit card attached to the Visa network.

Significant technical developments have already been completed and this year is set to see the release of a new monetary system that aims to change the way people see and use gold, Kinesis Money.

- Source, Ryan Case of Kinesis Money

Friday, February 22, 2019

The Coming Cashless Society: Negative Rates & Negative Yields Spell Disaster

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the very real, fast approaching problem of negative interest rates as well as in the same conversation discussing the problems of negative yields as bond markets throughout the world face a certain crisis. 

As the markets and the monetary system are incredibly centralized and controlled, the attempts by central bankers to prop up the system utilizing the same methods which lead to the problems in the first place will be met with a massive crash of epic proportions. 

It's also worth mentioning that we see a trend of negative interest rates being met by a centrally planned, legal tender cashless society as Sweden goes almost entirely cashless as does China. 

After dropping rates substantially following the 2008 recession, the Federal Reserve has taken it upon themselves to prop up interest rates as much as they can in order to be able to properly drop them out without going negative (and of course to artificially prop up the economy itself) which simply cannot prevail. 

The central banking system is panicking and there are very real signs that not only will the US Dollar collapse, but most currencies in the world will crash with the everything bubble bursting and the banks going completely insolvent all at the same time. 

Though there is concern that China will survive as the world reserve currency for some time as well. This issue must be met with individual responsibility and self sustainability. 

People must protect their purchasing power and take it upon themselves to ensure their own prevalence long term.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Expert: Gold Euphoria is Justified, Here's Why

Investors are looking for higher gold prices, and with good reason, said George Milling-Stanley, head of gold strategy at State Street Global Advisors. 

“The middle two quarters of 2018 were bad for gold because the dollar was extraordinarily strong, so was the domestic equity market in the U.S. 

The influence of all that tended to wane in December so gold picked up very, very nicely,” Milling-Stanley told Kitco News.

- Source, Kitco News

Monday, February 18, 2019

Why Peter Hug Is Sticking To His Bullish Call On Gold

A weaker dollar may be the key to higher gold prices this year, said Peter Hug, Global Trading Director for Kitco Metals. 

“We continue to believe that the Fed is going to reluctant to raise rates this year. If anything, they may even lower rates,” Hug told Kitco News.

- Source, Kitco News

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Central Banks Buy Gold Bullion Hand Over Fist, Most Purchased Since 1967

Cryptocurrencies have been crushed, the stock market looks poised for a slow down and the world stands on the edge of a cliff as geopolitical tensions flare across the globe, just waiting for a spark to ignite the flames.

The smart money knows this and they are starting to move. This includes Central Bankers who are buying the king of metals, gold bullion, hand over fist.

As I stated at the start of this year, I believe 2019 is going to be a year of significant accumulation in the precious metals market and one that as the year progresses is going to see it finally break out of this horrible sideways trading pattern that we have been in for years.

As many of you know gold has been stuck in an abysmal trading pattern, moving slightly above $1300 only to be crushed back down toward the $1100 mark.

This comes in spite of the fact that we now face the most geopolitical uncertainty we have faced in decades.

However, not everyone has been unaware of these dangers. 

Central Banks spent 2018 accumulating precious metals in a monumental way, increasing their holdings by the most in one year, since 1967. Quietly accumulating while the rest of the financial world happily ignores the alarm bells going off all around them.

Recently, the World Gold Council stated that the world consumed 4,345.1 tonnes of gold throughout 2018, up from 4,159.9 tonnes in 2017.

The chief driver of this move higher was Central Banks, who bought 651.5 tonnes throughout 2018, a staggering 74 percent increase over 2017 and as previously stated, the largest increase since 1967.

Sadly, Western Central Bankers are still asleep at the wheel and were not the main contributors to this increase.

As I have been reporting on for years, countries such as Russia, India, China, Poland, Kazakhstan and Turkey were the main purchasers of gold bullion throughout 2018.

As the vaults in the West continue to be drained, the vaults in the East continue to fill to the brim with real, honest money, that is unlikely to ever return.

These countries are happily buying gold bullion in vast quantities, diversifying out of their USD holdings as they do so.

Gold net accumulators know that the winds of change are coming and precious metals are likely to once again play a very vital role in the future, as the dominance of the US dollar continues to erode.

I believe both Russia and China are more aware of this than any others and are actively planning the day in the future, in which one of them, most likely China, can replace the USD as the reserve currency of the world.

Gold will play a vital role and is just one of the many reasons why they are so eager to accumulate precious metals.

I strongly believe that this trend is just the beginning and we haven't seen anything yet. 

A major crash in the global economy lays just over the horizon and it is only a matter of time before precious metals are once again called upon to play the vital protection role that they have always fulfilled throughout history.

Global supply of gold is increasing at a snails pace, increasing by only 1% last year.

If retail investors finally wake up and begin to move into precious metals as they did in the last bull market, then we will have an explosive scenario on our hands.

Gold and silver bullion vaults will be drained at a staggering pace and a runaway move higher in prices will finally break the shackles that have kept it contained for years.

Smart Central Bankers know this and it is exactly why they are making their move before the masses wake up, accumulating gold bullion while it is on sale, before the inevitable move higher.

- Source, As first seen on the Sprott Money Blog

Friday, February 15, 2019

Global Reset? This is Why Central Banks Are Hoarding Gold

Author Ken Schortgen joins me to discuss the coming global monetary reset which, as Ken explains, cannot be avoided. 

Ken notes that central banks around the world are now buying gold in volumes not seen since 1971, and the reason is likely because massive changes are coming to the global banking system on March 31st.

Is a massive global reset coming?

- Source, SGT Report

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Next Piece In The Plan, The World Bank Swamp Is About To Be Drained

Trump and Fed Chair Powell have an informal dinner at the White House. Powell said that they will make decisions not on political agenda's but what's best for the country. 

What's best for the country would be to dismantle the Federal Reserve. 

Always be independent and prepared for any situation, beat the elite and bankers at their own game. 

Trump will appoint a new president of the World Bank, their mission to drain the swamp. The movement is spreading, Italy already on board.

- Source, X22 Report

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Unprecedented: Trump's Approval Rating Hits 52%, With 90% Negative MSM Coverage

In spite of having the most negative mainstream media coverage, ever in history, for any sitting President, Donald Trump's approval rating has hit a staggering 52%.

This once again puts him above President Obama, at the exact same time of his Presidency and the highest in years for any President.

If there was an election today. He would crush it.

- Video Source

Monday, February 11, 2019

Trump Makes a Move on the Central Bank, Patriots In Control Of Economy

Trump and the patriots are bringing manufacturing back to this country. Ford announces 1 billion dollar investment in the Chicago plant, new jobs. 

Trump is taking on the Central bank and Deep State at the same time. Once the Central Bank system is removed the Deep State will not be able to function. Patriots are in control.

- Source, X22 Report

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Gold & Silver Update: State Of The Union, US China Trade Deal

This week we cover a detailed gold & silver update for the price of gold in 2019. We'll also look at the price movements of platinum, palladium, and the equities markets. 

The new proposed trade deal between the US and China looks to increase Bank of China spending within US markets. We'll recap highlights of the State of the Union in regards to the situation in Venezuela with the Bank of England refusing to return Venezuela's gold to Maduro.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Is This The End Or Just The Beginning For Cryptos?

Is This The End Or Just The Beginning For Cryptos? Jeff Berwick at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami.

Topics include: 

Cryptos have only existed for a very short time, this is still very early days, current bear market is quite normal, a short term trend in an overall bull market, big players yet to enter the market, time to get into the market now and Anarchapulco 2019.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Trump Scores Major Victory with SOTU Speech, the Free Market Crushes Socialism

There is no way around it, President Trumps State of the Union speech, which was held on February 5th was a massive success for both him and the Republican party.

This was blatantly obvious within mere minutes of the speech ending, as the polling numbers began to flood in and the support for what he stated during that speech was incredibly well received by the vast majority of viewers.

Entering into yet another act of his Presidency, he once again changed gears and came across as a President that was not trying to divide and conquer, but one that was attempting to bring the country together.

For any rational personal, who still finds themselves in the increasingly shrinking political "center" and who has not yet become either radicalized by the far left, or far right, then this should come as good news.

A message of unity is what is needed and is one that could potentially advert one of the greatest political and economic risks that the world currently faces, shattering the echo chambers many have found themselves within.

For this, he was well rewarded, receiving positive reception from even left leaning polling outlets.

These numbers shocked many pundits across the board, as no one was expecting such results.

A staggering 97% of Republicans (many of which are "never Trumpers") and 82% of independents approved of what President Trump had to say during his speech.

This comes as a massive blow to the Democratic Party, as the Optics of this speech were horrible and the 2020 campaign ads literally wrote themselves.

At one point, President Trump had large swathes of the Democratic Party on their feet cheering and chanting USA, USA, USA, alongside the Republicans.

At this point he knew he had them and stated, "you weren't supposed to do that", grinning smugly the entire time.

Not surprisingly, Trumps approval rating jumped and now stands at 49% , which is a strong number to be sitting at and is exactly the same number that President Obama stood at during the same day of his Presidency and of which would historical grant re-election.

What was most well received by all voters was Trumps attack on the "rise of socialism" within the United States and most notably within the Democratic Party, which been increasingly startlingly even those within their own party who deem themselves "center left".

This is good news, as it proves that those wishing to end the free markets and capitalism are still within the minority.

Unfortunately for President Trump however, he has once again tied himself even more closely with the recent successes of the United States economy, meaning that if there is a strong pull back, or renewal of the recession, then he is going to suffer immensely.

He has tied himself so closely with the rising stock market and the general success of the economy as a whole, that some prominent voices within the Democratic party are actively wishing for a recession to greatly his chances of re-election.

Unfortunately for the mass majority of the public, I believe they may just get what they are hoping for, as the chances of a strong recession remain high.

Geopolitical tensions are still incredibly high and US government shutdown is very likely to begin its renewal very soon. The risks of collapse are still startlingly high.

A prudent person would hope for the best and prepare for the worse, protecting themselves while they can, acquiring an insurance policy that has seen people through both the good times and the bad.

The only one that has proven itself time and time again. The acquisition of gold and silver bullion.

- Source, As first seen on the Sprott Money Blog

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Follow The Watch, The World Is Watching, We Know Everything

Snopes will not fact check for Facebook anymore, instead the recommend censorship. The [DS] in trouble, the movement has failed, the [DS] needed to distract from their legislation so they needed a scapegoat. 

We now move from build the wall to finish the wall. Q mentioned the following, who has the watch, Q also mentioned the world is watching, Norad slogan is We Have The Watch, the patriots are in control.

- Source, X22 Report

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Ron Paul: Who's Opposing The Socialists Attack on Capitalism?

Why are young people being enticed by the philosophy of something for nothing? Why aren't Republicans doing so well with them? Radical change is coming.

- Source, Ron Paul

Monday, February 4, 2019

Jim Sinclair: Trump Presides Over Bankruptcy of the US, Only he Can Get us Through it

Financial writer Bill Holter and renowned gold and financial expert Jim Sinclair say the financial crash is here now. Holter says, “I think President Trump is going to preside over a bankruptcy. 

He’s gone through bankruptcies with his own companies and understands the process. That’s what this is. It’s the bankruptcy of the corporation of the United States.” 

In closing, Sinclair says, “The dollar standard is over. We were on a gold standard, and then poof, Nixon, and out. 

What has happened to the petro dollar? Poof, it’s out in comparison to what it was. 

What system is next? The marbles standard? Gold is going back to a store house of value.”

- Source, USA Watchdog

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Bitcoin Millionaire Predicts that Silver Will Eventually Be Worth More than Gold

DavinciJ was one of the popular silver and gold bulls on You Tube back in 2010 and 2011. And then he discovered Bitcoin. 

He researched it, bought it and suggested others do the same when it was still under a Dollar, but precious few listened. 

Now Davinci is a multi millionaire, but he's still a silver and gold bug and he predicts that one day silver will be worth more than gold.

- Source, SGT Report

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Demand for Physical Gold & Silver Bullion Increase As Geopolitical Tensions Erupt Around the World

You can sense it, you can feel it.

The tension in the air is all around us and is not just isolated to one country, but rather is a global phenomenon.

Geopolitical angst is rising as trade wars rage across the globe, with countries picking sides and moving either radically to the left, or to the right, with all middle ground rapidly evaporating.

This is a recipe for disaster and we are soon to enter into a period of time of incredible turmoil and unrest, as people become more and more desperate to assert their political will over their opponents, no matter the cost.

This will, as it always has, lead to period of great political upheaval, upending the proverbial apple cart in the process.

We are already seeing this unfolding in politics all over the world, as people take more and more extreme measures, forgoing the traditional means of change and adopting more radical approaches.

Look at Venezuela, look at France, look at the United States. Change is happening and it is happening fast.

Now more than ever, it is vital to protect yourself, to take personal liberty over your finances and to prepare for the hard times that soon to be upon us.

There are many steps that could be taken to mitigate the risks that are coming to you and your family, however first and foremost is the acquisition of gold and silver bullion, both of which are tried, tested and true ways of preserving your wealth in times of increased tension and chaos.

I personally believe that taking physical possession of your precious metals is the first step in this process, as this is an insurance policy that has worked for thousands of years, getting people through some of hardest times in human history.

However, I also believe that you should not put all of your eggs in one basket, and diversifying the location your holdings is vital in protecting your wealth.

Once you have the appropriate amount of precious metals in your physical possession, I believe that it is prudent to begin researching trusted bullion storage facilities, who are regularly audited to have the holdings they claim to have.

Fortunately, many people are waking up the madness we now find ourselves in and are taking the steps required to protect themselves.

Interest in physical precious metals is once again on the rise, with the sales of US Silver Eagles rising sharply by 25% year over year, totaling 4,017,500 oz's in January vs 3,235,000 oz's last year during the same time period.

This trend carried across the board, as the sale of Gold Eagles also rose by 10% year over year.

Demand has still not reached the highs that we witnessed throughout 2015, however the sluggish trend that we have seen in recent years is clearly beginning to reverse as gold and silver news begins to change from mostly negative, to largely positive.

As I recently predicted, 2019 looks as if it is going to be a major turning point for precious metals.

The crypto bubble has popped, the stock market is over-inflated, and the FED is caving to the demands of the markets. All of which are gold positive, as it once again begins to move back into the spotlight as a favored asset class.

Expect tensions to increase throughout 2019 the world over, with gold and silver bullion rising in tangent with it. 

Prepare yourself, protect yourself, keep stacking.

- As first seen on the Sprott Money Blog

Friday, February 1, 2019

Deep State At War: Intel Chiefs Slam Trump Before Senate

Appearing before the Senate, US intelligence community heads undermined each of President Trump's foreign policy positions and warned that foreign "enemies" would likely interfere in the 2020 elections. 

The Deep State, neocons, and the liberal "resistance" all line up against peace and freedom.

- Source, Ron Paul