Saturday, December 31, 2016

Putin Stunner: We Will Not Expel Anyone, We Refuse To Sink To Kitchen Diplomacy

Vladimir the merciful?

Following this morning's reports that Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov would recommend to Russian President Vladimir Putin a retaliation in kind, and expel 35 American diplomats, saying that “we cannot leave such acts unanswered. Reciprocity is part of diplomatic law" with Putin spokesman Peskov adding that "there is no doubt that Russia's adequate and mirror response will make Washington officials feel very uncomfortable as well", it was ultimately up to Putin to decide how to respond to the US.

Which he did on Friday morning, when in a stunning reversal, the Russian leader took the high road, rejected the Lavrov proposal, and in a statement posted by the Kremlin said that Russia won’t expel any Americans in retaliation to US moves, in a brutal demonstration of just how irrelevant Obama's 11th hour decision is for US-Russian relations.

The reversal comes as Russian officials portrayed U.S. sanctions as a last act of a lame-duck president and suggested that Trump could reverse them when he takes over the White House in January.

- Source, ZeroHedge

Thursday, December 29, 2016

White House Under Intense Pressure to Release ANY Evidence that Russia Got Trump Elected

One strategy that the far left has run with, since losing in a humiliating defeat to Donald Trump in the recent US elections, is one that failed horribly in the election cycle and is continuing to fail horribly as we continue on.

This strategy is, of course, the blame everything on Russia strategy. It was a common tactic that Hillary used to explain the criminal behavior of herself and her staff via the leaked Wikileaks emails, that greatly damaged her chances of winning, as it confirmed much of the corruption people already suspected was ongoing behind the scenes.

The doubling down on this strategy by the "sore losers" and the lamestream media shows just how desperate they and their puppet masters within the global elites are to hold onto their fleeting power. They will go to any length they can in the creation of fake news to support these claims and are doing just this.

Yet, just as before, when this strategy flopped, it is doing so again. Facing mounting pressure, the White House, under the presidency of Obama, is being called on to release the evidence, ANY evidence that supports the claim that the Russians catapulted Donald Trump into the White House. 

Time is running out, as Trump will take office on January 20th, 2017 and if action is going to be taken to stop him, then they must act NOW! I wouldn't hold your breath.

This sad attempt is just another desperate measure that the far left is taking to smear the credibility of Donald Trump taking office, they will do everything they can to make this transition as ugly as possible, whining and screaming while they are dragged out of office, likely not to take power again for another eight long years.

The explanation for why the evidence of Russian interference has not been released is simple, there isn't any. Ignore the noise, focus on reality, time to get to work.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Legendary Gold Investor Jim Sinclair Warns The Great Reset Is In Place

Dear Comrades in Golden Arms.

What is left to go before the Great Reset?

The Great Reset is the milestone economic event that is the final step in the restructuring of the monetary system that functions as real money is intended to.

This system in word and fact is the mechanism the sum of its parts truly functions as:

1.A Store House of value.

2.A Measure of value.

3.A Standard of value

4.A Medium of Exchange.

Money as generally interpreted in your modern business school and by a general public is anything of value that serves as a (1) generally accepted medium of financial exchange, (2) legal tender for repayment of debt, (3) standard of value, (4) unit of accounting measure, and (5) means to save or store purchasing power.

Read more:

Before we get into the subject let’s agree to certain facts.

Common types of currency issued by official order are valued based on the issuing authority’s guarantee to pay the stated (face) amount on demand, and not on any intrinsic worth or extrinsic backing. All national currencies in circulation, issued and managed by the respective central banks, are fiat currencies.

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There simple is not enough fiat currency on circulation to pay off all national and business debts even if we exclude government guarantees.

Most what is called money is an accounting entry now in cyberspace.

Computer currencies are a bridge over mental gap between the common belief in money and the requirements of what money truly does.

All of this is based on confidence in a system whose foundation of convincing on a continuing basis a public that the fiat currency can pretend and extend an illusion of real money whose definition is other than that universally held now and whose foundation is set in the cement of a pure illusion without backing in kind, uninsured and failing badly in many respects.

Please keep in mind that President Elect Trump is a proven master at the use of bankruptcy in business to set a foundation upon which a going concern can replace the previous failed entity or system of operation of the entity.

Not only is the monetary system insolvent if called upon to perform in even a modesty percentage. The entire system would fail miserably. However, there is no lack of resources and productivity if incentivized to make the global system again functional and durable by making real, not pretend money the basis.

What is Mr. Trump’s real business background?

He is a builder of brick and mortar.

He is a negotiator.

He has zero lack of self worth or abilities.

He is a master of using the economic tool of bankruptcy to restructure and retreat and from the conditions of financial bankruptcy.

Today’s world is without any doubt a rolling bankruptcy whose foundation is pretend and extend. Inherently pretend and extend has shown no permanency anytime, anywhere. The “Great Flush” which must proceed the “Great Reset” has been, most disturbingly, war won or lost.

Therefore, the United States, one of the most powerful countries in the global system, is insolvent, that is true just on the factors of OTC derivatives and unfunded obligations. You need not be a genius to understand this.

- James Sinclair, Read More Here

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Facebook's Fake News Censorship Campaign - Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux and Alex Jones discuss Facebook's new plan to suppress outlets and stories that they deem to be fake news. Who decides what is fake news? Heavily liberal outlets and mainstream media sources, of course!

Since the age of 20, Alex Jones has been working in alternative media – starting with an access television show and growing into the wildly syndicated Alex Jones Show which is now on over 160 stations across the United States.

In addition to the wide radio audience, is a massive online news platform read by millions and millions each month and the streaming channel hosts Infowars Nightly News, special reports and Alex’s many documentary films.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Exposed - Fake News Hits Home

The hyped up, fake news being pushed by the MSM is exposed in this video. The propaganda is real and it is a real threat.

Be aware and be prepared.

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Real Truth Behind The CIA Report Of Russian Hacking Electing Trump

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest news of the CIA's claim of Russian hackers electing president Donald Trump. There is a lot of disinformation in the mainstream with this story only perpetrated by real FAKE NEWS the Washington Post and Jeff Bezos.

Friday, December 2, 2016

BREAKING - CNN Crew Caught Joking About Trump's Plane Crashing Off Air

CNN Correspondent Suzanne Malveauxjoke was covering the Carrier press conference, that featured both Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Carrier was able to negotiate huge tax breaks for their company, if they promised not to move all their jobs to Mexico.

FTVLive has obtained video of Malveauxjoke before her live hit on CNN. The crew was waiting on Trump's appearance at the press conference and waiting for his plane to land.

At one point the crew joked about Trump's plane crashing.

Yep....this is CNN.

- Source, FTV Live

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Trump Scores a Victory Today That Obama Would Have Never Gotten

On Tuesday President-elect Donald Trump announced he saved about 1,000 jobs in Indiana after negotiating with the air conditioning firm Carrier.

Now this…

At least one Democrat was honest about the good news. ‘The Young Turks’ host Cenk Uygur praised Trump for the deal – adding that Obama “never would have done this.”
Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

"Let’s talk about one of the things he did that was actually really positive.

He said, look, your parent company United Technologies has a lot of government contracts. IF you want to get United States government contracts, you’re going to have to keep some of your jobs in the United States.

Now, this is exactly what I’ve been saying to Democrats and President Obama. That you could do this stuff. If you really want to apply pressure, there are a thousand ways to apply pressure.

But they would never do it. I’m sorry, if you’re a Democrat, and you like Obama, I hate to break your heart and you want to hate me for it and that’s okay, but Obama wouldn’t have done that.

That’s not who he is, he is not that guy. And in this case, it is an absolutely fact. Because he is president right now. If he wanted, he could have pressured Carrier. But he didn’t pressure Carrier.He didn’t pressure United Technologies, and he didn’t threaten to take away their contracts. Because he’s not that strong. And he always thinks, his default mode is there’s nothing we can do. You guys don’t understand.There are consequences."


- Source, Gateway Pundit