Monday, December 20, 2021

Silver will go 'crazy' in 2022, gold to break $2k again, speculation will end

E.B. Tucker, director of Metalla Royalty, discusses with David Lin, anchor for Kitco News the outlook for stocks, gold, and silver in 2022.

- Source, Kitco News

Friday, December 17, 2021

Steven Van Metre: The Fed is Running out of Tools to Save the Market

Tom welcomes macro money manager, bond king, and financial planner Steven Van Metre back to the show. Steven answers several listener questions later on in the show.

Steven discusses his latest video on why Q.E. does not mean money creation. The Fed is just swapping assets and forcing money into the commercial banking system.

Two main banks are absorbing most of the stimulus money. Most money is stored in the banking system and is not moving. They want to suppress and lower interest rates while pushing the dollar higher. The bond market doesn't work the way most people think. 

Investors need to understand this system because it will explain most things. The pandemic created many supply issues and caused a lot of money to flow back to the United States. 

This is now impacting foreign countries which are dollar starved. Steven is concerned that most investors are in the wrong asset classes and don't understand how bonds work. 

We're going to see interest rates move lower and the economy will likely head down.

- Source, Palisade Radio

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

At Least 5 Major Governments Colluded To Manipulate Oil Prices Down A Lot Last 2 Weeks?

India released 5 million barrels of oil from its strategic petroleum reserves (SPR) in coordination with other countries including the United States, China, Japan and South Korea. 

The move is part of efforts led by U.S. President Joe Biden's for a coordinated release of stockpiles from large government SPRs.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Golden Rule Radio: If Volcker Was Measuring, Inflation Now At 13%

The West is in ignorant bliss as China buys up the gold. What exactly does Powell mean by "Transitory Inflation". Germans call Christine Lagarde "Madame Inflation". 

Thank you for listening to the McAlvany Weekly Commentary. The objective of McAlvany Weekly Commentary is to provide investors with valuable monetary, economic, geopolitical and financial information that cannot be found on Wall Street.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Don't invest in gold until you understand these fundamentals - Gary Wagner gives price targets

This upcoming Thanksgiving will be the most expensive ever, and inflation will continue to be a serious concern for investors, said Gary Wagner, editor of who advocates that gold is still the ultimate store of wealth.

- Source, Kitco News

Friday, November 19, 2021

Ron Paul: Is Inflation Biden's Fault? It's Certainly His Problem

Rising prices are amongst the many problems that the Biden Administration has created for the American people. 

But is Biden solely responsible for it? No. 

Previous Republican and Democrat administrations made their contributions with record government spending & the debts that they accrued. 

But the source of the inflation problem is always The Federal Reserve. For it is the unconstitutional counterfeiter that enables the politicians to destroy the economy.

- Source, Ron Paul

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Ron Paul: Shipping Crisis, Staffing Crisis, Empty Shelves!

The value of individual liberty is becoming apparent to far more people today than from just a couple of years ago. 

With government in everyone's face and attempting to coerce chemicals into everyone's body, the pain has become all too real. 

Individual liberty, free markets, and sound money are the only lifeboats that will actually float. Are enough Americans ready to jump into them yet?

- Source, Ron Paul

Friday, November 5, 2021

John Rubino on Strikes and Wage Inflation

John Rubino sees for the first time since the 1970s, wage inflation is just beginning to spiral upward as labor shortage puts common workers in the driver’s seat.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Hacking Your Mind: Are You A Victim Of Cognitive Warfare?

How to move a world to compliance (& make them think it's their idea). Making an agenda everyone's moral duty.

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Gold, Silver, & Platinum Market Update

This week we review the price movements of gold, silver, platinum, the platinum to gold ratio, the platinum to silver ratio, and the platinum to palladium ratio. 

We look at where gold and silver could be headed in the coming weeks and look back at the historical price movements of the precious metals.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Inflation Will Continue to Rise and Persist Amidst a Flattening Yield Curve

The last time Harry Melandri of MI2 Partners was on the Daily Briefing, he urged people to sell their Euro Dollars due to high inflation and a strengthening economy. 

Those factors continue to prevail, and Melandri says he expects inflation to soar higher and continue to apply pressure. 

Naked Wines, an online wine retailer in the U.K. that ships monthly wine subscriptions throughout the U.K., U.S., and Australia, bubbled up 30% after hedge fund manager Glen Kacher unveiled it as his fresh pick on CNBC’s “Halftime Report” show. 

Weekly jobless claims filings dropped to a new pandemic-era low of 281,000, indicating a steadily recovering labor market. Interviewed by Maggie Lake.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Michael Pento: Runaway Inflation & Bail-Ins Lay Just Ahead

During the next crisis, if the Fed pushes for more currency creation and Congress passes more stimulus, people will lose all faith in the U.S. government, says portfolio manager Michael Pento. 

People are already becoming aware that there is something seriously wrong with the financial system. 

What's next? Michael sees runaway inflation and bail-ins coming.

Friday, October 15, 2021

David Morgan: It's Happening: Shift From Stocks To Metals

Metals expert David Morgan sees a shift happening now. He says moving into the end of the year, investors will move from the stocks and bonds to commodities including the metals. 

With increased demand, "I fully expect," David says, "we'll see a run to gold probably like we've never seen before."

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Ron Paul: Even a $1 Trillion Platinum Coin Will Not Pay To "Build Back Better"

When Liberty is sacrificed, authoritarians destroy. When authoritarians destroy, they never (ever) "build back better." 

When authoritarians destroy, everything stays destroyed, until Liberty is returned. It's not "different this time." It's never different.

- Source, Ron Paul

Friday, October 8, 2021

Head of Research Alasdair Macleod Discusses Sound Money and Gold's History

Goldmoney's Head of Research, Alasdair Macleod, discussing what makes Gold sound money, and why Gold's history and properties play a key role in its value during coverage of the Meltwater Goldmoney Asian Rapid.

- Source, Goldmoney

Friday, October 1, 2021

John Rubino The Money Tree, Open Borders & Other AOC Fantasies

John Rubino explains why open borders and other vote-buying gimmicks are leading to massive inflation that will ultimately collapse the system.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Silver price to hit ‘high ranges’ of triple digits; Not enough on planet to meet demands

Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver, has previously called for the silver price to eventually hit triple digits. Now, he’s upgrading that forecast. “We have two new driving forces which are electric cars and solar panels. 

These technologies, these businesses, really didn’t exist for the most part a decade ago. Today, I’m even more committed. I’m thinking triple-digit silver…

I was always thinking in the low end of that triple digit. But now, I’m thinking it’s possible to get into the higher end of that range,”  Neumeyer told Michell Makori, editor-in-chief of Kitco News at the Denver Gold Forum.

- Source, Kitco News

Friday, September 24, 2021

A New Currency System is Emerging

Tom welcomes Matthew Piepenburg from Matterhorn Asset Management to the show. Matthew discusses how everything is backward and nothing is real anymore. 

During Alan Greenspan's time at the Fed everything changed and Wall Street has become a circus. Today's policies would have been unthinkable back in the 90s. Fundamentals barely matter and the new solutions are toxic.

- Source, Palisade Radio

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Gold & Silver's Next Major Push Explained

This week we review gold's strong Monday push as well as silver's move into the rising trend floor. 

We also review the price movements of platinum, palladium, US Dollar index, the major fundamentals behind the next major bull push upwards for gold & silver, and more.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Silver Fortune: The Blueprint for a Silver Squeeze

Can we see the same outcomes in the silver market that we've also witnessed in commodities and other physical markets?

Friday, September 10, 2021

Ron Paul: This is Not About Freedom or Personal Choice, It's All About TYRANNY

President Biden's overreach has reached unprecedented levels. He gave an outrageous speech yesterday, which laid out an outrageously unconstitutional "plan." 

The marriage of Big Government & Big Corporations is now on full display. Don't miss today's Liberty Report!

- Source, Ron Paul

Monday, September 6, 2021

Tavi Costa: This is what held gold back and why it’s so ‘cheap’ now

Tavi Costa, portfolio manager at Crescat Capital, discusses with David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, the most important macro drivers behind gold's underperformance, and the next catalysts for a renewed bull run.

- Source, Kitco News

Friday, September 3, 2021

Martin Armstrong: Gold Gains As Confidence Collapses

Let me explain something. What I have pointed out about gold is that it DOES NOT rally merely because of inflation or the rise in debt.

It will rally when we are looking at the collapse in confidence. The central banks have no desire to raise for their own budget will blow apart. The Fed is restrained by the ECB and the rest of the central banks pleading with the Fed on their knees NOT to raise rates.

Do not get confused about comments from the central banks that they will not raise rates. CBs only can regulate the short-term. The long-term rates are set by the market. That is why they even do Quantitative Easing – they buy in the long-term debt trying to reduce those rates because they cannot control them.

Therefore, it really does not matter what they say. That is the Press spinning it because they have nothing else to say and they have always promoted propaganda with the markets relative to interest rates. 

They kept preaching the market would decline because the Fed was raising rates. 

Well, step back and close your ears to what the press says and the talking heads you hear on TV who do not know the first thing about markets. Interest rates ran up from 2016 throughout Trump’s 4 years. 

They only dropped like a stone due to the COVID manipulation. The market rallied with higher rates – it crashed with lower rates – OMG!

Gold will NOT rally due to debt levels, QE, or any other BS scenario. 

Gold rallies due to CONFIDENCE collapsing. This is what we are dealing with the failure of central banks and the collapse in Keynesian Economics. 

This is why they are endorsing the Great Reset because CBs cannot raise interest rates and they have destroyed the bond market in Europe while wiping out their pension funds because they also decreed these funds MUST invest in government debt. 

They have destroyed the economy and that is why they are using COVID as a military tactic.

Therefore, what I am saying about gold is that it rises when CONFIDENCE collapses, not the rise and fall of QE and interest rates in the normal course of business. 

We must look to the general public. When they wake up and realize that there is no way this COVID nonsense will ever end because they are deliberately using it to seize the economy and transform it into this Great Reset where governments will no longer borrow money – just print. 

They are intent to default on all public debt and replace even pensions with Guaranteed Basic Income. They are moving toward these end goals step by step so the people do not realize what is taking place.

For now, there is still the short-term risk that the dollar rises because Europe has utterly been destroyed and Schwab is in full control. Every strategic person in a key position is also on his board at the WEF.

- Source, Martin Armstrong

James Anderson: How Deep Pockets Will Fuel the Coming Bull Market in Silver

A discussion about Paul Tudor Jones' recent comments, as well as a discussion on a whole host of other topics, ranging from fed policy, inflation, to physical silver supply and demand and wall street silver.

- Source, Silver Fortune

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Thoughts on Making Sense of the Silver Market in 2021, Four Ideas

Four big takeaways on where we're at in the second half of 2021 and where we see the silver market moving forward throughout 2021 and in the years beyond.

- Source, Silver Fortune

Lobo Tiggre: Silver unlikely to track gold again, may "never go back as money", here's why

Even if the world enters into another gold standard, silver, which has historically been used as money, may not retain that role in the future. 

Lobo Tiggre of the Independent explains why with David Lin, anchor for Kitco News.

- Source, Kitco News

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Chris Vermeulen: Stock Market Blow Off Top Coming

The stock market may be headed towards a euphoric rise followed by a crash. "There are all kinds of indicators that are screaming that this market is overvalued," says technical analyst Chris Vermeulen.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Newsmax's Steve Cortes Blasts The Fed For Crushing The Middle Class & Protecting Biden

Former Fox Business anchor Trish Regan spoke with former investment manager turned White House advisor turned Newsmax host Steve Cortes on her podcast called "American Consequences" about the Federal Reserve decimating the American middle class.

Before Regan spoke with Cortes, she provided readers with a backdrop of the word "transitory" and how The Fed ignores soaring prices of goods and services. Heck, it's a brilliant strategy by the Fed because if six months from now prices are still increasing, Chair Jerome Powell will merely say inflation remains transitory. Still, in reality, it's not and becoming more persistent...

Regan asked a very important question during in the intro of the podcast: How long can the middle class handle surging stagflation: soaring gasoline and supermarket prices and barely any real wage growth (on top of new virus restrictions).

She said the 11-14% food price increases at the supermarket are beginning to dent consumer sentiment, adding that middle-class wages adjusted for inflation aren't going as far as they used to. Many folks are living a different life than they were in pre-COVID times, and they're becoming furious that the American dream is collapsing in front of their eyes.

Regan adds a confluence of bad events, such as inflation, souring consumer sentiment, and the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle is damaging people's perception of the Biden administration.

And to circle back to the Fed, she said unless Powell and his gang of monetary wonks begin to taper or at least raise rates in the near-term, the inflationary impact will continue to crush middle America. She added that if inflation is not tamed and the Fed had to resort to former Fed chair Paul Volcker's move for drastic rate hikes to curb inflation, it would severely impact asset prices, such as stocks, bonds, and real estate.

- Source, Zero Hedge

Sunday, August 29, 2021

David Smith: Bitcoin Won't Stop! $150 Silver and $9000 Gold Coming Also

Senior analyst David Smith sees $150 silver and $9000 gold reachable even as the cryptocurrency space expands. "Silver, gold, and Bitcoin are partners in asset allocation and asset preservation," he says, "not competitors."

Friday, August 27, 2021

Wolf Street Report: The Most Monstrously Overstimulated Economy & Markets Ever

The Fed will trim back its stimulus, but it’s already too late, and it’ll be too little and too slow...

Thursday, August 19, 2021

All About Silver With David Morgan

I am joined by Precious Metals Guru, David Morgan in the first of a 2 part video series. 

We talk about the role silver has to play as real money and as hedge along with gold and Bitcoin against currency debasement. 

Plus what is going on with the world of semiconductors and tightening silver supply?

- Source, David Morgan

Friday, August 13, 2021

Golden Rule Radio: Gold's Weekend Drop Explained

Gold saw a sharp correction Friday and Sunday evening, which led to the metal hitting a key support level and bouncing off of it, to push back up to $1750 mid-day Thursday. 

We explain the fundamentals behind gold's long term bull market trend as well as look at silver, platinum, the US Dollar, and equities markets.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Why Silver is The Major Investment Of The Future

Silver Demand & Price will surge higher as the U.S. Financial System & Massive Debt Reach an Epic Meltdown.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

No Economic Recovery: We're In Big Trouble Without Stimulus

Much of the economic recovery is an illusion, says Andy Schectman, president of Miles Franklin. 

The markets are being propped up by stimulus. It's going to eventually collapse, he says. "You need to be proactive" by acquiring real money: gold and silver. 

He says right now, with some of the lowest premiums for metals we've seen in two years, this may be the best time to buy.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

John Rubino: New Honest Monetary Deposits Are Yours Now

John Rubino runs the popular financial website, discusses factors that may make junior gold exploration companies the most undervalued equity sector.

Monday, July 26, 2021

The Coming Stampede Into Gold and Silver

200 million ounces of silver have been delivered off of COMEX this year, exceeding last year’s record pace. 

Around the world, the governments and wealthy individuals are acquiring gold and silver at unprecedented rates. 

"You're seeing a tip-toeing out of the Dollar and fiat currencies," Andy says, "at some point that turns into an all out stampede."

Friday, July 23, 2021

John Williams: Hyperinflation Threat is Real, U.S. Could Become Weimar Republic

John Williams, founder of ShadowStats, discusses with David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, why the U.S. is headed towards hyperinflation. 

Williams, who calculates the inflation rate using methodology the U.S. government used in the 1980s before revisions, estimated that the current rate of inflation is already 13.5 %, much higher than the 5.4% that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported for June.

- Source, Kitco News

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Alasdair MacLeod: Next Steps in USD Collapse

Basel III is changing the paper gold market into a physical gold market, says Alasdair MacLeod, Head of Research of GoldMoney. 

While the metals may be breaking free of manipulation,* he says uncontrollable rising bond rates will puncture the stock market.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Fed’s Powell says he hears inflation worries 'loud and clear,' but remains dovish

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said he hears America's inflation worries “loud and clear.” 

Powell faced a swarm of questions surrounding high inflation and what the Fed plans to do about it during his testimony before the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services on Wednesday. 

The Fed chair maintained his "transitory" inflation stance while pointing out that the central bank is "anxious" like everyone else to see inflation pass through and return to normal. 

"Right now, inflation is not moderately above 2%; it is well above 2%. The question is, where does it leave us six months from now? It depends on the path of the economy," Powell said.

- Source, Kitco News

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Ron Paul: Forcing Americans Not to Work, Paying Them Not To Work

First government recklessly "locks down" businesses, forcing thousands to close, and ruining countless economic lives. 

Then government passes out money that it does not have. In essence, government pays people not to work. 

With record job openings, employers are struggling to find people willing to work! 

And now government wants to spend another $1 Trillion (that it does not have) in order to create jobs! 

This is the upside-down world created by hyper-interventionist government and The Federal Reserve.

- Source, Ron Paul

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Trader Who Plead Guilty To Gold & Silver Manipulation Only Got Light Sentence From Court

A Chicago court has sentenced a former Deutsche Bank AG trader to a year and one day in prison on Monday on fraud charges for manipulative trading in precious metals futures, saying the scheme undermined confidence in the markets.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Liberty & Finance: When We'll See New Highs In Silver

Investor and analyst Florian Grummes expects gold and silver to make new highs soon. Silver could break above $50 within months, he says.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Silver Market: The Tightest It's Been in Modern Times

Patrick and I discuss the precious metals markets and his perspective on demand thus far in 2021.

- Source, Silver Fortune

Friday, May 28, 2021

Alasdair MacLeod: Gold Manipulation Ending with Basel III

Many suspect the gold and silver markets have been manipulated. Head of Research at Gold Money Alasdair MacLeod says new Basel III rules will put an end to price distortions in the precious metals market.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Craig Hemke: How We Get To $2300 GOLD This Year

Craig Hemke tells Elijah K. Johnson the Fed is essentially monetizing U.S. debt. He sees stagflation ahead which will lead to a 1970s style gold-bull run. He says we're on track to see $2300 gold this year!

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Where Do We Go From Here? Silver Headed Back To $50

“It’s something that I obsess about every day. With respect to copper, which is near a 10 year high, when you look at supply/demand dynamics it’s pretty clear that copper prices are going higher. Supply is still pretty constrained and there’s been no real investment for years. It takes a long time to bring copper into production and at the same time, copper is the new oil.

If you look at energy, if you are an oil executive you are not really sitting around thinking, how are we going to ramp up investment on these long-term projects when every single day you are hearing about some environmentalist that wants to put you out of business? 

So a lot of executives are just going to run their businesses for cash and dividends. 

Therefore, I think oil and gas prices will go higher in the coming years. And agriculture prices will remain high for years because of increasing demand from China.

Inflation Will Last Well Into Next Year

But generally speaking the inflation story is a lot more than commodities and the transportation side. But the transportation side I don’t think is so transitory either. You’ve had a 10 year bear market in dry bulk shipping. 

There is a fraction of the needed ships being built right now as a result, so there is pricing power for the remaining players. So what we are seeing is things that will last more than just on a temporary basis. Now defining temporary or transitory, who the hell knows? I just know this is going to last well into next year.

Things Are In Motion

Things are in motion here, but again it’s just the level of interest rates that’s just…that’s why it was so nonsensical for central banks to create the largest financial bubble in the history of markets in bonds, particularly in Europe with what the ECB did, at the same time rooting for inflation. 

So now that we are actually getting higher inflation they are all worried about what that means for rates. It’s very backwards but that’s the situation we are in.”

Silver Headed Back To $50 All-Time High

“You’ve been bullish on gold and silver, but I want to talk about specifically. The copper story is out there in terms of electric vehicles, but there is going to be a whole bunch of silver demand in the global push toward electric vehicles and I don’t think the ramp in silver production will be there. It feels like the price of silver wants to pulse through $30 and go right to $50, the old all-time high. Your thoughts on silver.”

- Source, King World News

Friday, May 14, 2021

Debt Bubble: How Long Will It Last?

Is inflation a concern in the near future? While many have thought stimulus and money printing will lead to high inflation, wealth planner Michael Lee sees the economy growing slower than expectations which should tamp down inflation.

Friday, May 7, 2021

USA Watchdog: The United States is Heading Towards a Banana Republic

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Golden Rule Radio: From Helicopter Money To Fire Hose Favoritism

Politicians replace central banks with "Fountain Pen Money". A potent cocktail: Inflation & Financial Repression. Inflation is a tax on the poor.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Is a Stock Market Correction Overdue? Inflation Above 2% is Here to Stay

While the Federal Reserve may not let inflation to run hotter than 3% on a persistent basis, long-term, the economy will unlikely return to a disinflationary environment, said Thomas Hayes, managing member of Great Hill Capital. 

“[The Fed] won’t let it get away from [3%], they’ll raise rates ahead to pre-empt it. Certainly, I don’t think we’re going to see a sub-2% [inflationary] environment like we’ve enjoyed for the last 20 years,” he said.

- Source, Kitco News

Monday, April 19, 2021

For Those Of You Watching Prices Of Gold, US Dollar, Bitcoin And Lumber…

While I almost never talk about the price of Bitcoin, I do follow closely the infrastructure of crypto and how it is unfolding and am a believer (some of the lingo and terminology however is Greek to me but I’m trying to learn), though not an owner of any coins. 

While I believe in the macro factors that was the genesis of Bitcoin and continue to drive it, I have no opinion on whether Bitcoin is worth $56,000, $64,000, $560,000 or $560.

Gold’s History Makes It Solid

As a bull on gold I’ve been asked how I have any idea where that can go too but at least with gold I have thousands of years of history to analyze along with tens of thousands of tons owned by central banks as reserves…

Either way, I think the direction of Bitcoin is a good bellwether on the risk appetite of the broader markets and view it from that lens more than anything else. With the selloff in Bitcoin over the weekend, that lens, and whether valid, will be put to a test.

US Dollar Struggling, Gold Surging

Keep an eye on the US dollar as it continues to rollover and now sits right on its 100 day moving average after breaking below its 50 and 200. 

The index is at the lowest level since early March with the euro back above $1.20. I think the euro in particular is benefiting from a rebound in the pace of the vaccine rollout. 

I remain a secular bear on the dollar as long as the trade and budget deficits remain on their current paths and the Federal Reserve continues with its 3rd world country monetary policy manipulation. Coincident with the dollar move and the fall in real rates, gold is rising to the highest since late February.

INFLATION: Lumber Prices Continue To Rise

Ahead of the mortgage apps data on Wednesday, existing home sales on Thursday and new home sales on Friday, the rise in lumber just keeps going vertical. 

It hasn’t had a red day since March 26th. Last week alone it was up 15% and by 36% since that day in March. Here is a chart since the mid 2000’s bubble in housing as of Friday’s close. 

How companies, for those exposed, are maneuvering thru the broad based cost pressures will be key component of this earnings season.

- Source, King World News, read more here

Friday, April 16, 2021

Big Problems At The Perth Mint While Gold Coin Sales Soar There?

Gold coin sales at the Perth Mint have now made new consecutive highs for the months of February and March but there appears to be a lot of examples of widespread problems and potentially fraud with unallocated accounts at the Perth Mint.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Gold Rises as Financial Faith Weakens

Despite all the reasons discussed in preceding reports (i.e., money supply, commodity super cycles, deficit spending, and governmental credit guarantees to commercial banks) as to what we see as the current as well as future inevitability of rising inflation, there are many credible individuals, including those who strongly favor gold, who see a very different horizon.

That is, there are many who see a deflationary rather inflationary setting ahead.

The key arguments made by deflationary thinkers are not to be mocked or disregarded.

Their primary argument in favor of deflation boils down to one simple idea, namely: When economies and markets stall (or even collapse), this leads to dramatic slow-downs in consumer demand, and hence dramatic falls in consumer pricing—ie. deflation.

Needless to say, current economic conditions are anything but robust, which favors a deflationary premise.

By the turn of 2020’s in general, and during the global pandemic in particular, the world witnessed extreme levels of excess capacity (i.e. surplus rather than demand) in labor, manufacturing, retail and commercial real estate.

Banks this year, for example, are already telegraphing that in a post-COVID world, they will require 40% less office space as more and more systems have since been put in place to manage operations outside of traditional office settings.

All of these factors of excess capacity, from retail to commercial office space, one could sanely argue, point toward continued deflationary rather than inflationary forces going forward…

As to the staggering growth of the money supply unleashed by global central banks printing trillions of fiat currencies at record levels since 2008 in general, and the 2020 COVID period in particular, the deflation camp can further (and sanely) argue that such extreme money creation has not led to rising inflation, including hyper-inflation.

This, they legitimately argue, is for the simple reason that all those printed fiat currencies never enter the real economy, but remain contained within a closed-circuit loop of Treasury departments, central banks and Wall Street—not the real (i.e. Main Street) economy where money velocity truly can do its inflationary damage.

In short, so long as central banks act as insider-lenders of last resort to government treasury departments and overpaid CEOs, all that printed money is safely contained behind a Hoover-like dam of commercial and central bank balance sheets, not the real economy where such levels of money growth would and can do their inflationary damage.

Fair enough. Good points.

In fact, these deflationary views, make logical sense, and it would be arrogant to simply discount them.

That said, there are some key mistakes, I contend, in the premises behind such logic.

In short, let me now switch hats from a deflationary defense to a deflationary prosecutor…

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Ron Paul: Gold and Bitcoin Are at Risk of a Government Crackdown

The best way to protect against economic turbulence is with hard assets like precious metals and real estate, but even these are under threat from the government, former Congressman and host of The Liberty Report, Ron Paul, tells Michelle Makori. 

“The government is a threat,” Paul said. “They will crackdown because they have the ability to do it. We had a taste of [a free society]. If you don’t know where to start, just start with the Constitution, that might give you an idea of what a free society is all about.” 

Paul noted that this “crackdown” could take the form of taxes.

- Source, Kitco News

Monday, March 29, 2021

The Great Mega Debt Bubble Reset: Coming to a Town Near Year

Tom welcomes a fascinating new guest to the show, Francis Hunt "The Market Sniper." Francis discusses how gold is acting as the bellwether for the collapsing global economy. 

Gold and silver will soon be unleashed, not unlike the recent major moves in palladium and rhodium. 

A lot is happening behind the scenes that will affect precious metals, and he looks closely at the macro picture surrounding the markets and bonds. 

Paul Volker was able to bring inflation under control during the early 80s. Since then, yields have steadily stair-stepped down, and we're effectively below zero today. 

Every time they create money, they make additional debt, and now we have a mega-debt bubble. The market will break when investors, pensions, and firms stop wanting to hold bonds. 

Governments live beyond their means, and the only way to manage the debt is to continuously lower interest payments. We are at the end-game for this debt cycle. Recently real yields have had some huge moves in percentage terms. 

Francis explains what to watch for when markets are reaching the end of their cycles. March 2020 was likely the most extensive economic off switch in history and was the final capitulation for many investors. 

It signaled the bottom for precious metals and several other commodities. Inflation appears in assets first, and he shows how the broader equities have been steadily moving upwards. 

Money wants to find a home in assets, and soon inflation will appear in real-world goods and services. 

Technology has been deflationary for the past forty years, but we are now seeing essential commodities rise. 

He is calling for three-digit oil again in the next few years as inflation escalates. 

Francis points to the many commodities that are breaking out or doubled during a depressed locked-down market and asks what will happen when the economy starts to pick up. 

Gold and silver are the ultimate anti-debt and anti-fiat assets. He believes we are nearing another more powerful leg-up in the precious metals. 

He encourages investors to understand the nature of the game and defend yourself and your family.

- Source, Palisade Radio

Friday, March 26, 2021

Golden Rule Radio: Why Buy Gold In 2021? Why Not?

This week we look at the gold outlook for 2021. What's in store for the precious metals in 2021 and gold? We'll look at Gold, Silver, Platinum, The US Dollar index, and how gold is the solution to inflation.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Currency Wars? Massive Currency Devaluations Against US Dollar Since January 2020

Professor Steve H. Hanke is a currency expert. 

Unlike an ordinary academic, Hanke was in charge of currency trading at investment banks and hedge funds and he has also been hired by governments as a "currency repair" consultant after their currencies collapse to help fix and stabilize them. 

Recently, Hanke put out an article with some very interesting charts and tables about how much some currencies have devalued against the US Dollar since January 2020.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

The Fiat Endgame, $6,000 Gold and $180 Silver

Tom brings us a double-charting dynamic duo edition of Palisades. The Market Weather Forecaster Kevin Wadsworth and Proprietary Capital Manager Patrick Karim bring us the latest low down on the metals markets.

- Source, Palisade Radio

Friday, February 26, 2021

Danielle DiMartino Booth: Will yield surge get out of control? This is the Fed's next move

The U.S. 10-year Treasury yield briefly surged above 1.6% on Thursday. Until the Federal Reserve declares an intervention to bring down the long-end of the curve, equities markets could see continued "nervousness" said Danielle DiMartino Booth, CEO of Quill Intelligence.

- Source, Kitco News

Friday, February 19, 2021

Ron Paul: The Social Cultural Authoritarian Bubble Will Pop

The century-old big government obsession in America is getting old and weathered. 

Debts that are never-ending...Wars that are never-ending...

One Federal Reserve economic bubble after another. Social-Cultural manias. All are coming to a head at some point. 

Big Government is always unsustainable, and Americans should once again embrace their roots of individual liberty.

- Source, Ron Paul

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Jerry Robinson - We Have to Protect Ourselves and Families From the Coming Collapse

​Jerry Robinson, Economist, trend trading coach, author of “Bankruptcy of Our Nation,” and founder of "Follow the Money" returns to Liberty and Finance this first time in 2021 to lay out his view of the poorly understood risks and opportunities with which we find ourselves surrounded in these unusual times.

Friday, February 12, 2021

The Debt Bomb is Set to Explode, Inflation to Spike in 2021

Gerald Celente discusses the building debt bomb and how it is now being primed and set to explode in 2021. 

Will governments around the world double down and print more, causing hyperinflation, or will they finally let the system collapse?

Our bet is that the money printers are going to be sent into hyperdrive, devaluing peoples savings the world over.

Strap yourselves in, as 2021 has only just begun and is already looking to be a more volatile year than 2020 and that's saying something!

- Video Source, Gerald Celente

Sunday, February 7, 2021

GameStop Was A Warning: Elites Are Weaponizing Censorship To Keep Outsiders Out

As the apex predators of capitalism, hedge funds are accustomed to raking in billions by driving companies into the ground and feasting on the carcasses. So there was widespread satisfaction last week when members of an online discussion group called WallStreetBets started beating the Wall Street bully boys at their own game. Ringleaders of the group noticed that hedge funds had taken a short position in the videogame retailer GameStop that far exceeded the number of shares available to trade. 

Motivated as much by revenge as by profit, these influencers in the group encouraged the 2.7 million members (since risen to around 8 million) to purchase the stock in order to drive the price higher and create a massive short squeeze. This quickly became a movement with a cause similar to that of Occupy Wall Street, except much more effective because it hit the intended target where they would feel it the most, in the wallet. “The only way to beat a rigged game,” one WallStreetBets leader said, “is to rig it even harder.”

GameStop stock, which closed at $17.69 a share on Jan. 8, shot up to $347.51 by the close last Wednesday. With combined losses of almost $20 billion, hedge funds were on the ropes and close to bleeding out, selling their longs in an increasingly futile effort to cover their shorts. 

One fund, Melvin Capital, lost over half its value and had to be bailed out by hedge fund sugar daddies Ken Griffin (Citadel) and Steve Cohen (Point 72). Another fund, Citron, was teetering on the brink of collapse. All this outsider army needed to win was the continued ability to communicate with each other online, and their collective ability to keep piling into the “Buy” side of the trade. Within hours, they would be hobbled on the first front and crippled on the second.

The Empire Strikes Back

First, the digital distribution platform Discord banned the WallStreetBets account after the close Wednesday for “hate speech, glorifying violence, and spreading misinformation.” (For a moment, it looked like Reddit had also banned the group, but they resisted pressure to do so.) If the quoted justification sounds familiar, it’s nearly identical to the one given by Google, Apple, and Amazon for deplatforming Parler just three weeks earlier. Echoing Amazon, Discord said it had sent the group repeated warnings about objectionable content before deciding, on that day of all days, to shut them down.

Meanwhile, WallStreetBets investors were locked out of their trading accounts by online brokers such as Robinhood on Thursday morning. Based on new collateral requirements that it says were imposed by an industry consortium, Robinhood forbade its users from buying GameStop and other stocks that WallStreetBets had identified as short squeeze opportunities. Users were allowed only to “close their positions”—in other words, to sell to the shorts desperate to buy. When angry users registered their disapproval by leaving over 100,000 one-star reviews of the Robinhood app in the Google Play Store, Google deleted them.

Normal trading was allowed to resume Friday, but the hedge funds used their 24-hour sole ownership of the battlefield to fortify their positions, covering the most vulnerable shorts. Wall Street then sent in reinforcements, as new short positions were taken at these high price levels, virtually guaranteed to pay out when, inevitably, the air leaks out of the balloon. 

Faced with a game that, for once, they couldn’t rig in their favor, it appeared that the insiders tipped the board over and started a new game. As a massively decentralized online group of scrappy outsiders, the only tools at WallStreetBets’ disposal were online trading and social networking. Both were frozen at the crucial moment, and the hedge fund insiders were let off the hook. The weaponization of censorship is a big part of the reason why.

Down the Slippery Slope

Some of us warned of a slippery slope when Parler was taken down and a sitting president was systematically ghosted from every online speech platform. But we could not have foreseen how slippery the slope would be, or how fast we would slide down it. We were told that the curbs on speech of President Trump and his supporters were necessary to prevent further “insurrection” and protect the peaceful transition of power. 

However, much like the troops and barricades that still ring the Capitol, these speech restrictions remain in place well after the transition of power has occurred. The censorship power is always justified in response to a genuine outrage or crisis, but it is rarely relinquished once the threat passes. Rather it gets weaponized to protect powerful, connected insiders, as the GameStop fiasco illustrates.

How do we suppose Discord chose that moment to enforce its “Community Guidelines” against WallStreetBets? Almost certainly, one of the hedge funds whose ox was being gored combed through their message boards looking for anything that might violate the terms of service. 

And surely they found it, as these boards contain the same raunchy language you would hear if you visited any trading floor or boiler room on Wall Street. They presumably reported the content to Discord, which took the group down.

Did Discord warn WallStreetBets of content violations before last Wednesday? I’m sure they did. Amazon sent such a warning letter to Parler as well. Frankly, such a letter could be, and likely is, sent to every large message board on the web. The founder of a user-generated content site described it to me as “the One Percent Problem.” 

Every user-generated content site will have a small percentage of offensive material that gets through, no matter how many content moderators are hired. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube allowed far more content advocating for and planning the Capitol riot than Parler. But instead of acknowledging this, they were eager to blame the upstart, which had recently taken over the top spot in the social networking category in the app store. Scapegoating Parler served the dual purpose of deflecting blame and squashing a competitor.

Critics of social networks insist that these sites simply need to double down on censorship in order to finally rid us of problematic speech. But that ignores how social media moderation actually works. Algorithms set to recognize keywords capture only a small fraction of problematic posts, leaving millions of posts for humans to review. 

The work is so voluminous that it’s outsourced to far-flung locales where English may not even be the first language. Low-level employees must decipher complicated guidelines while navigating our increasingly Byzantine world of political and cultural hot-buttons. 

Mistakes are inevitable, and the harder a company tightens the standards to get the One Percent Problem down to 0.1 or 0.01 percent, the more undeserving accounts—from Ron Paul to the Socialist Equality Party—will be swept up in the dragnet. With the Town Square now digitized, centralized, and privatized in the hands of a cartel of Big Tech companies, the protections of the First Amendment no longer apply...

- Source, Zerohedge, read the full article here

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Surviving a Crash: Break From the Herd With David Smith

​Gold mining analyst and boots-on-the-ground natural resources researcher David Smith of The Morgan Report, returns to Liberty and Finance to offer his seasoned experience on how to break from the herd in times of crisis. 

David shares why preparation is essential to successful execution of a contrarian strategy, enabling us to avoid many pitfalls and reap outsized gains during these unpredictable times.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Portnoy Calls for People to be Jailed Over Hedge Fund Scandal in Scathing Interview

Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy joins Tucker Carlson to discuss exactly what is happening between GameStop investors and the popular app Robinhood.

- Source, Fox News

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Strategic View: Gold Could see $25,000 in 10 years

The two big rallies in gold occurred over roughly 10-year periods. Both saw dramatic increases in the value of gold. From August 1971 to 1980, gold rallied from $35 per ounce to over $700 per ounce, a twenty-fold increase.

Please note a significant pullback from $200 to $100 per ounce during this time, a 50% drawdown. Even in a bull market, prices often have to correct before finding new footing.

Great Reset

One might say that there was a “great reset” of the financial system in 1971, which moved the world past the Bretton Woods agreement.

Tech Bubble Bursting

In 2001, following the bursting of the tech bubble, the gold price again rallied over 10-years. This instance resulted in a maximum gain of seven to eight times the rally’s beginning point ($250). The tech bubble, followed by the housing bubble of 2007-2008, provided policy support for gold inflation through quantitative easing and other measures.

In 2021, amid a worldwide pandemic and political and societal upheaval, the World Economic Forum and other prominent world organizations call for and/or promote a “Great Reset.” Whether this Great Reset results in a new worldwide monetary paradigm is unclear. However, with government world debt increasing, concurrent with declining economic growth, the timing appears to be good for world leaders to have those discussions.

Regardless of whether we are on the cusp of a new monetary paradigm, the case for increased allocations to gold is compelling. As governments continue to add to their deficit spending, the expectations for inflation are rising. Gold tends to perform well in these inflationary environments.

It is our view that the next big bull market in gold is just getting started. In 2020, gold broke to new highs before recently pulling back to the $1,800 per ounce level. If we look back at the last two big runs higher in gold, it is reasonable to expect that gold could achieve ten-fold or twenty-fold increases over the next 10-years. Such is especially true if the world financial system experiences a “great reset.”

Technical and Tactical View

At the beginning of a bull market, one option for investors would be to increase gold allocations and hang on for the next decade or so. Such investors should prepare to endure meaningful drawdowns along the way.

We are long-only in our gold and precious metals holdings. Since gold follows seasonal and other patterns, we look for areas to accumulate more and take profits. We believe that we are near a decent point to accumulate more gold, miners, and other precious metals.

The $1,800 per ounce area was a significant resistance level in 2012 and 2013, and the breaching of this level in 2020 was a significant event. This resistance level has become a support level, and the $1,800 level was already successfully back-tested in November 2020. Another pull-back to the $1,800 per ounce level could be a good point for accumulation.

Zooming in to a weekly view, we see gold is trading near the 50-week moving average in a triangle formation and/or bull flag above $1,800. Such is undoubtedly a critical technical level, and we could see volatility, both up and/or down, over the next few weeks as gold seeks to find direction for its next move. If it falls below the 50-week moving average, then the next accumulation zone might be along the lower trend support line near $1,650.

Gold Options Sentiment

Each day, we publish signals related to more than twenty different options markets. Our proprietary Options Sentiment index for gold is suggesting that this could be a good accumulation zone. Recently, when Options Sentiment was less than 20% (such as now), it has been an excellent time to accumulate.

Investors will recall the events of March 2020, which saw meaningful draw-downs in stocks, gold, and many other asset classes. If there is another flight to liquidity soon, we could see significant drawdowns in the gold price, as investors seek safe-haven cash to avoid all kinds of volatility.

Final Thoughts

We are very bullish for gold over the next ten years, and we will be looking for good entry points for gold, silver, and gold miners here in 2021. We will not be surprised to see $25,000 per ounce of gold by the year 2030. It will likely be a volatile ride higher, with large drawdowns along the way.

Technical analysis suggests that the $1,800/oz and $1,650/oz levels are good entry points for gold at this time. Options Sentiment also indicates that now is a decent time to accumulate more gold and/or precious metal mining stocks.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Gregory Mannarino: Be Ready, It’s Going to Happen at a Time THEY Choose

Gregory Mannarino, founder of and known as “The Robin Hood of Wall Street,”​ returns to Liberty and Finance to answer viewers’ questions on the coming financial reset, the runaway debt and looming bond market crash, the Fed “Buying it ALL,” the rotation into Gold/Silver/Cryptos as Dollar alternatives, and what’s next for our freedom and future in this unrecognizable new world.

Friday, January 15, 2021

A Move Into Silver Like You’ve Never Seen Before...

​Renowned author and metals market & mining analyst, and founder of, David Morgan, returns to Liberty and Finance / Reluctant Preppers to give us his studied perspective.