, GOLD SILVER LIBERTY: You Think Your Free? Think Again Says Spain, Begins Preparations to Crack Down on Catalan

Thursday, October 26, 2017

You Think Your Free? Think Again Says Spain, Begins Preparations to Crack Down on Catalan

Governments all over the world need control, they need control over "their" people, they need control over "their" money supply and through this control they can grow their power and ability to dictate our everyday lives.

Everyone is born under a system of control in today's modern world, arguably, for most of history it has been this way. Sure, we are given freedoms as long as we play within our specifically defined set of rules, but just try to break these rules and watch how quickly the hammer comes down on top of your head.

This is exactly what we have witnessed on October 1st, within the Catalan region of Spain, who voted OVERWHELMINGLY, 92.1% in fact, to exit Spain and become independent. This was a nonviolent, democratic process, by a set of people of a specific region, yet they have learned the hard way that their destiny is far from their own.

The government of Spain looks at this prosperous region as theirs and the people that make up this area are their cash cows, cash cows that are attempting to hop the fence and drift off the farm. This cannot and will not be allowed.

The violent crackdown that we witnessed on October 1st, showed the government of Spain's hand, but they are far from the only government that would act in this way. The global elites of both the West and the East, all would act in a similar manner.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, is now taking additional steps, invoking Article 155 of their Constitution, which gives them the right to "restore the legality" of the semi-autonomous region. Which I'm sure as you can guess, means forcefully removing the "renegade" government of Catalonia by any means necessary.

Still, Catalonia's President Carles Puigdemont is not backing down in the face of these threats and hopes that the region can separate peacefully, a truly hopeful wish in my opinion.

This has led to civil society organizations within Catalonia to call for retaliation against the government of Spain, requesting that all citizens within the region initiate a bank run by withdrawing their funds all at once, together.

If you think this call to action is to be taken likely, then you are forgetting one of the key elements that give the ruling class their power, their control over the fiat money supply and the banking system that keeps it going.

The citizens of Catalonia are going to learn the hard way, just how little money the modern day banking system keeps in physical reserve. Quickly the vaults and ATM's will run dry and then what?

I for one am hopeful that this situation will resolve itself peacefully, the people of Catalonia will be set free, as they have democratically requested, and that this will be a bright shining example of liberty and free will in a modern time. Sadly, I highly doubt that is what is going to occur.

Unless the government of Catalonia steps down on their own accord, then you can expect to see violence and blood in the streets. This action cannot and will not be tolerated by the elites of the world, lest the rest of us peasants get any silly ideas in our heads.

- As Originally Seen on Sprott Money