Monday, October 2, 2017

Catherine Austin Fitts: Deep State Globalists Want to Destroy the US Constitution

Catherine discusses here breaking research of $21 trillion in “undocumented adjustments”, which is another way of saying “missing money”. The U.S. has crossed the 20 trillion mark “officially” in national debt, but the amount of money missing is even more than that.

Catherine says to not just take her word for it, because there are independent reviews now taking place that confirm not only the 21 trillion, but the research is showing that Catherine’s number is too low, and the real amount is even larger.

This interview brings everybody up-to-speed on the latest activities of what Catherine refers to a as a “criminal enterprise”, also known as the federal government of the United States and especially Washington D.C. Unfortunately, what the globalists are trying to achieve is not good for anybody who feels we need to make a return to constitutionality in government...

- Source, USA Watchdog