Thursday, October 5, 2017

Live Stream Taken the Night of Las Vegas Shooting Confirms: NOT JUST ONE SHOOTER

Staff and guests at the Bellagio Hotel confirm multiple shooters, and it was streamed live. Even LV Sheriff Lombardo says “you’ve got to assume shooter had help”. Here’s the latest…

At the Bellagio Hotel (not Mandalay Bay), Rene Downs made a Facebook Live video discussing shots coming in through the front doors of the lobby causing mass chaos and a stampede.

Las Vegas Sheriff: “You Got To Assume Shooter Had Help” As “Mystery Woman” Emerges.

During a lengthy press conference update on the investigation into the Las Vegas massacre, Clark County Sheriff Lombardo expressed his belief that gunman Stephen Paddock had to have help at some point but sarcastically says “maybe he’s a super guy.” 

Clearly showing the strains of being awake under serious stress for the last 72 hours, the sheriff explained…

- Source, Silver Doctors