Thursday, April 12, 2018

Jeff Berwick: I Took My Advice and Sold My Cryptos to Buy Gold

Jeff discusses how well the Anarchapulco conference performed this year as they had a record number of attendees and speakers. He thinks this was due in part to the cryptocurrency performance over the last year. 

An entire day of the conference is dedicated to cryptocurrencies. Anarchapulco is all about freedom, liberty, and volunteerism. He talks about why voting for a new government never really changes anything. For 2019 there are some big speakers which he will be announcing soon. 

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has had a lot of innovation and late last year the dumb money began investing. The January pullback was expected and needed. Many are glad there was a pullback as things were growing too fast. 

The potential of cryptocurrencies has not changed, there is still massive amounts of development. There is a lot of buzz in the cryptocurrencies, and it’s not going away. Late last year more money entered into Initial Coin Offerings than into the IPO’s on Wall Street which is pretty impressive for something that didn’t exist two years ago. 

Prices could go lower, but overall he is happy with how it has played out. He can’t believe how the precious metals have been left out of the bull market. They have done very little, and it’s an opportune time to take some profits and put them into the precious metals. 

He feels we are still on track for a dollar collapse around 2020. Gold and silver are a very safe investment, but you should also have some cryptocurrency exposure.

- Source, Palisade Radio