, GOLD SILVER LIBERTY: A New "Golden Age" Approaches, North Korea Agrees to Nuclear De-Armament, to Peace

Friday, April 27, 2018

A New "Golden Age" Approaches, North Korea Agrees to Nuclear De-Armament, to Peace

Historic, simply historic;

“We solemnly declare to our 80m Koreans and the world that there will no more war on the Korean peninsula and a new era of peace has begun,”

“It is our urgent historic assignment to put an end to this current abnormal state of ceasefire and establish a peace regime.”

“We have agreed to share a firm determination to open a new era in which all Korean people enjoy prosperity and happiness on a peaceful land without wars,”

All three of the above statements would of been unimaginable just a few short months ago, so quickly are the times changing, so dramatically, and fortunately, at least in regards to this situation, are moving the right direction.

Within a matter of months, Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea has completely changed his stance and ceased his saber rattling ways, after realizing that no longer would the method of his fore-bearers work.

Having reached "nuclear" status, the North Koreans faced immense international pressure, and possible invasion via the United States and its closest allies. No longer could the North Koreans be allowed to threaten the free world and intense, real pressure, the likes of which they have never seen before was applied to them.

This has undoubtedly resulted in Kim Jong Un doing some self reflection and deep thinking. This man was raised partially in the Western world, where he received his education, and thus, it is likely that he truly never actually hated the West, at least not as deeply as his father and grandfather did.

I have no doubt in my mind that he is breathing a deep sigh of relief this morning, and have faith that North Korea will now begin the very slow process of transitioning itself into the larger international community, one baby step at a time.

Hilariously, after months of hyperbolic predictions by the MSM that President Trumps hard line approach towards North Korea would result in nuclear Armageddon, he is now being largely praised for his work and efforts. Proving that sometimes tough love is the best medicine.

In fact, bookie's around the world have dramatically increased President Trumps odds of being the winner of the next Nobel Peace prize, putting him as the clear front runner.

Excuses can be made, and rationalizations can be attempted, but the facts are the facts, this was a major victory for President Trump and the Western world at large, no matter which side of the spectrum you stand on.

Many political pundits are heralding this as a new "Golden Age" for the world and state that the next target for Western leaders will be Iran, who we can expect will be the next focus of intense political pressure.

But, that is hopefully a story for another day, and one that I don't expect to unfold overnight, despite the shocking about face, surprise announcement we have received in regards to North Korea unilaterally agreeing to peace with the world.

The clock to midnight has taken a few ticks backwards today, and for that we should all be grateful and happy. The World has become a little more stable and a little more sane, a statement that we sadly can rarely make.

- Source, As First Seen on the Sprott Money Blog