, GOLD SILVER LIBERTY: The Price of Silver Could Explode Higher as Trade Tensions Between The US and Mexico Flare

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Price of Silver Could Explode Higher as Trade Tensions Between The US and Mexico Flare

Silver, undervalued and overlooked. This is a fact about this commodity and it very well might be about to change, and in a serious manner.

For years, it has been in a sideways pattern after reaching its near $50 high. It has been cast aside as investors have become discouraged, and honestly, you can't blame them. For those not strong of heart, or strong of will, it has not been a great period to be invested in silver.

Yet, for those who have been thinking long term, you have been doing the intelligent thing and thinking in ounces, not fiat dollars. You have been stacking and accumulating your real wealth, your hard money.

Now, silver stands on a potentially explosive opportunity, one that could be imposed on it not on its own accord, but by external political forces.

It is no secret to anyone, that a dispute over "the wall" between Mexican and US leadership has been taking place in the public court. The argument is over who is going to pay for it, and why they should.

It is very unlikely that the Mexican government will do this, they simply cannot due to political pressures from within their country, even if long term it would be in their best interest.

Unfortunately, there are other ways in which they can be made to pay, which is out of their control, such as the much discussed 20% border tax that is now being floated out there. If imposed, this could lead to an explosive rise in the price of silver.

Historically, Mexico has been the largest silver producer in the world, and if a 20% tax is imposed on it, then it could lead to dramatically higher prices in the short term, especially within the United States as wholesalers are sent scrambling to find alternative sources of supply.

Take also into consideration that the US debt level is set to surpass the $20 trillion mark any day now, and you can quickly begin to see the potential profit that is unseen in the currently depressed silver prices.

Will this unfold? It is unclear as of yet, as an agreement could always be reached before such dramatic actions are taken on the United States part, but the odds are there, and they are high as this game of chicken comes to a conclusion. Regardless of the outcome, I'll be stacking.