, GOLD SILVER LIBERTY: The Free Market Unleashed - Moon Express to Begin Mining Gold on the Moon's Surface by the End of 2017

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Free Market Unleashed - Moon Express to Begin Mining Gold on the Moon's Surface by the End of 2017

The free market, it solves problems, it innovates and it creates growth. Governments typically do the opposite and when they attempt to take the market by the horns, it backfires in spectacular ways.

Under government, costs soar and productivity stagnates, this has been proven time and time again throughout history and it is exactly why the free market should not be restrained.

One venture that the government has failed the human race for decades in is that of space exploration. Not since 1972 has a man set foot on the moon and since that time, the stars have largely passed us by.

Yet, the free market is now being unleashed once again, as companies are being granted permission to strike out on ventures of their own, with the hopes of untold profits for those bold enough to take the risk.

This is a good thing, as it will push human ingenuity to the limits and we could potentially see a rapid acceleration in new technologies that would propel the human race into the future, allowing us to expand and acquire much needed additional resources.

One company that plans on doing just this, is none other than Moon Express, founded by Naveen Jain, who has raised over $20 million dollars to send a rover to the moon's surface and plans on gathering samples by the end of 2017.

Of particular interest, Moon Express plans on mining gold from the moon's surface, along with other rare elements such as Helium-3, rare earths and platinum.

If successful and if able to bring the cost to a level that is deemed profitable (which they believe they can do), then this will mark a new dawn in the age of man going forward. One in which we are not limited by the resources obtained on our planet.

The free market is a beautiful thing. It should be embraced, nurtured and encouraged, always and forever.