, GOLD SILVER LIBERTY: Latest UPI/C Voter Poll Shows Donald Trump Pulling Ahead as Hillary Falls in Favorability

Monday, October 3, 2016

Latest UPI/C Voter Poll Shows Donald Trump Pulling Ahead as Hillary Falls in Favorability

The polls, although skewed, manipulated and corrupt, cannot hide the fact that Donald Trump continues to pull ahead. The reasoning for this is simple, Democrats are switching over to Donald Trump's side in a massive way, as are Women, African American and Hispanics.

The facts cannot be denied. As proven in numerous studies and polls, Hillary Clinton is simply not trustworthy. This point resonates much deeper on a primal level than Trump's unfavorability and the image that he is brutish painted by the Main Stream Media. 

Remember, people would much prefer a strong, dominate leader that will fight for their well being on an international stage, than one that is a perpetual liar and cannot be believed.

Yet, it would be one thing if this was simply a successful smear campaign by the Republican party. One that has painted her in a negative light, but the fact is, due to her long term career in politics, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that highlights the reasoning behind these unfavorable ratings.

The latest poll to showcase the rising tide of the Donald Trump campaign was one released by UPI/C, which has Trump leading by 2% points, and garnering 49.31% of the vote compared to Hillarys 47.34%.

(Poll source, UPI.com)

This poll is just one of many, which showcase the strength of Trump's campaign and the current momentum it is experiencing. As I have highlighted many times in the past, these polls are skewed significantly in favor of Hillary on a regular basis, with an overweight average of surveyed participants rewarded to Democrats.

What these polls do not show is the reality that is truly unfolding. Trump is bringing in a historic amount of voters who have never registered before and thus, will not be surveyed. This is called the "silent majority" and it is a real force that the Clinton campaign fears.

Given the lack of enthusiasm on the Clinton campaigns side, and the overwhelming amount on the Trump side, it won't  be hard to predict the outcome of this election. Trump is going to win in a landslide, you can rest assured of that.