Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Case Against Numismatic Gold for Wealth Preservation

Little did I know as I ventured into conversations about owning physical gold, that discussing the option of buying collectable, rare, or “numismatic” coins would draw such heated controversy from multiple corners. 

Many of the topics we’ve addressed to help us all be aware and prepared have encountered polarized positions and world-views (cryptos vs. precious metals, vault storage vs home-storage, and online purchasing vs. cash-in-hand private and local, etc..).

But the extreme views of people I’ve encountered who are earnestly devoted to or repelled by numismatic coins has convinced me that we’ve got to take a closer look, and bring this controversy out of the trenches and into the light of open, civil debate to discern the facts and data, and help us all be better informed. 

So whether each of us may hold deep-seated views, or a casual opinion, or haven’t even heard of or thought about the virtues vs. risks of acquiring “collectible” coins, I hope we will all learn from this discussion, and come away better prepared to protect our family’s financial well being. 

This guest, Franklin Sanders, known as “The Money Changer,” and founder of, has been in the gold & silver business for 40 years. 

Sanders visits Reluctant Preppers this first time to explain his experienced view of the factors affecting premiums on collectible gold coins, and why he says the data argues “against” buying numismatic coins as a part of your wealth preservation strategy.