, GOLD SILVER LIBERTY: Growing Echo Chambers and Proliferating Propaganda Lead to Fears of a Second American Civil War

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Growing Echo Chambers and Proliferating Propaganda Lead to Fears of a Second American Civil War

Brother turning on brother, sister on sister. A second American civil war? How could this even be a possibility in our modern, civilized times?

The answer is all around you. Tensions run high and hatred seethes from the mouths of pundits on the MSM, both from the radical left and the far right. Neither are willing to give an inch, in fear of losing a mile. Neither are willing to back down.

This tension has resulted in a boiling pot of politics within America, that at any moment could spill over and upturn the entire system.

Don't think this is possible? Well, don't count it out.

Roughly 1/3rd of Americans, or 31%, believe that a second American Civil War is not only possible, but likely to occur within the next five years! 

This news comes off the back of a recent poll conducted by the Ramussen Report, a highly respected source and one of the few that closely predicted the Presidential victory of Donald Trump.

Most of those conducted within this survey believe that the violence is going to be sparked by opposition to President Trumps policies, of which have been either deemed highly controversial, or something to be rejoiced, depending on which side of the political spectrum you fall under.

Yet, there is still some hope for those who reside in the center, with 59% of respondents stating that they believe a Civil War to be an unlikely event.

Sadly for those people, as we seen in the first American Civil War, it only takes a small percentage of the population to get the ball rolling.

Stoking these fears was the recent clash in Portland between a right wing prayer group and ANTIFA, of which made national headlines due to video footage that showed just how bloody and ruthless these political gatherings can turn.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first of these events, as over the past year, there has been many similar clashes and battles. People are choosing sides and donning their uniforms.

What is most shocking, is how organized some of these groups are becoming, coordinating through the use of social media and travelling vast distances to partake in the battle.

This is not good and it should not be embraced.

A second American Civil War would be gruesome, bloody and vicious. The first American Civil War claimed roughly 10% of the Northern male population and approximately 30% of the Southern male population.

With modern weapons, and no even "lines" in the sand to be drawn, the second, if it began would result in a stunning death toll that could collapse the American system as we know it.

This would result in both a financial and humanitarian crises.

I blame the MSM, and the proliferation of social media echo chambers in large part for this isolation of beliefs and proliferation of fearful propaganda. They have become nothing more than click bait propaganda outlets, caring little for the ramifications of their actions.

Fortunately, I believe that sanity will be restored and people will come to their senses. Sadly, I also believe we still have some turmoil, hardship and suffering yet to come. 

Until then, keep your head on your shoulders and you thoughts your own. Question everything, and as always, do your own research. The truth is out there.

- Source, As First Seen on the Sprott Money Blog