, GOLD SILVER LIBERTY: Love Trumps Hate - NOT!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Love Trumps Hate - NOT!

The day of Unity is finally here, the day of forgetting about what was said in the past over the course of the campaign trail, the day of coming together and building a stronger America. Uh, what?

I think not. The far-left who decried Trump for questioning whether or not he would accept the election results if Hillary Clinton won, have shown their true colors and are lashing out and tantruming worse than an irate toddler.

This is nothing new, and is just par for the course. The far-left act this way, all over the globe when they don't get their way. They are the collective group that believes in the "herd", government handouts and hates individualism. The very characteristic that made the West what it is today and what inspired the many great innovations that have originated from its people.

Yet, today is no typical day. Today is the inauguration of Donald Trump, who will be sworn in and become the 45th president of the United States. Today is a day of joy for those that wish to see independence from globalism reborn, and is a day of great misery for those on the radical far-left.

This is exactly why you are seeing such a plethora of hate articles against Donald Trump and his supporters from the dying, lying MSM. You are seeing an avalanche of articles "suggesting" that something "bad" might happen today, including from the recently scorned CNN, one of the chief pushers of "fake news".

Security is being tightened, as those who are in charge of ensuring the next President's safety, know just how precarious of a day today is, but that protection does not extend to Trump's supporters, who are looking to celebrate the day in peace.

No, in fact, we are already seeing attacks ratchet up against those wishing to celebrate, and can expect many more throughout the day.

The "loving" left has so far thrown batteries, eggs and hit a man with a flag pole, splitting open his head and this is just an example from ONE event.

So much for "love Trumps hate".